Woodworking: A DIY guide to creating a wooden patio for your home

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A wood patio deck may just be what you need in your house. A place where you can relax and have some fresh air. Check out this modern zen-like design and how it is constructed. You'll see how the flooring and the wall creates an illusion that flows with the right balance of white modern angles and warm earthy tones. 

Today, Homify is pleased to introduce the process of building this patio made of wood. It could even be a do-it-yourself project that you could incorporate in your home.

1. Surveying the topography

The first step in making a patio is to adjust the surface in which the foundation is to be laid out. Here you'll see that the ground is mostly stone and gravel with a rectangular barrier that is meant to mold/hold the shape of the structure. Once the ground is levelled, the concrete may then be poured to create the base. 

2. Building Materials

Once the cement has dried, the wooden panels can now be installed, leaving a square patch of soil in the middle for foliage. See how the wood on the wall blends nicely with the deck, giving it that cozy space that is separate from the whole house. In other cases, one could also use an alternative material that looks like wood which are now widely available in hardware stores.

3. Wood trellis

Going over to the side, you'll see that the patio extend further. Beautifully, the architect adds in a trellis overhead that provides shade from the sun. Laying out a set of tables and chairs would be nice as it could serve as a lounge or snack area, a charming and relaxing space for your home.

4. Lawn and foliage

The deck will then be treated with a primer, varnish and sealant as maintenance as it will provide protection against being baked from the extreme heat of the sun and prevents the wood from getting rotten from the rain. Grass is also added in to the entire garden, making the patio pop as a central design feature, not to mention the patch of foliage in the middle of the patio that is highlighted beautifully with white stones. Making the space more zen-like.

5. Patch of foliage

Creating a patch of foliage at the middle of the patio breaks the space and makes it appear cozy and relaxing. Having a bonsai planted there would look nice as well. Other alternatives for this space is the use of sandbox, which could be decorated like that of a zen garden with curving lines over the sand.

6. Wooden patio

The whole patio provides a nice contrast against the stone walls and the grey gable roof. It is both sleek and modern design while still providing the comfort and balance. 

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