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8 home design for people who want to live close to nature

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The modern times has introduced us many strenuous daily activities in school, work and sometimes, even at home. And to finally de-stress from all of these, we’d want to come home to a relaxing haven. Thus, it’s important that we create the right environment for our home. What does it mean? Build a bright and happy atmosphere that can stimulate sense and uplift our spirits! 

Today's idea is to present a home that is cool, calm and comfortable… and what comes close? A home design close to nature! Change the mood and remove that stress. See which fits for you in terms of the right material, right color scheme and other essential factors.  If you’re up for a home make over or thinking of building a new home, go on and check these inspirations out!

1. Three beautiful floors

Let’s welcome the charming three storey dark brown house, a natural beauty that meets the concept of an ideal bakery. This home is like one of those iconic cowboy houses in America. See the characteristic pillars spaced at intervals on the balcony. Bask under the glorious sunshade. In addition, the window on the door is similar to the house on the farm, only in a modern style. This is achieved by adding a mirror, with slight adjustments. Another highlight in this is that the house is located in the middle of a genuine forest field. Look around and all you see are the green grass and trees. The atmosphere filled with fresh air. Make your house like one of those we see in the movies!

Family farm house

The overall appearance is a country style home Living in the busy streets of the capital won’t give you the opportunity to live quietly. Thus, you can create an atmosphere that is close to nature, one that gives you peace of mind. Other than the comfort, it also aids in style in which the extensive use of wood materials presents a blend of minimalism and modernity. While there is increasing consciousness on healthy lifestyle, many people are now considering of cultivating their own gardens and grow fruits and vegetables. In this house model, you can certainly incorporate your very own garden at your home.

3. Beautiful stone house

To change the atmosphere, you have to change the design. Spice up your home by incorporating good materials and a unique layout. In this model, the house is made of stone with light colors. Remember that it is important to acquire quality raw materials! Emphasize the feeling of being close to nature by adding more earth elements such as wood. See how the natural wood materials make up the windows, edges, and ceilings. With a simple home decoration and a table set on the balcony, you can already have a comfortable place to chill anytime. Feel like you’re in a private resort, always!

4. Lovely rustic home

Stay natural and classic with a rustic style home. If you have a small family, this compact house may just be for you. You can simply achieve this design by observing each part of the house. You can have a similar style, steep roof, a stylish wooden fence and that beautiful cobblestone walkway. Install an exceptional hexagonal window under the roof, with the lawn looking fresh with the rich green grass. Don't forget to accent the facade with fresh pink flowers. This is ideal for families with only 2-3 people living or living alone and those who wants to stay within the budget!

5. Highlight the width of the balcony

自地自建-鋼構木屋農舍 homify Country style house



This model is suitable for people who prefer to stay outside rather than stay indoors, as it was designed to have a spacious balcony. Catch and breathe in fresh air anytime of the day. Put a table set, with comfy chairs and sofas to make sure you have a relaxing atmosphere as you rest by the balcony – be it sunny or windy. And why not put a barbecue grill? This area is a good venue for hang outs and small family gatherings!

6. Cute little cottage

Now this example is one that focuses on woodwork. At first, you’d think that it’s plain and simple with only one wood material utilized, but the façade exudes sophistication at the same time warmth – from the walls to the fence, poles and roofing. Nevertheless, you can decorate it and accentuate a little with some bright colored ornamental flowers, with your own taste! 

7. As if in a fairy tale

 Let’s focus on the beauty of the garden decoration. The house itself is distinguished by its blue door and windows, complemented by the dark brown walls. Get a more harmonious look by making the lawn bloom with beautiful flowers and bushes. On the lawn, you may add a table or swing for leisure.

8. Dimensional shapes

Now, this is a small house that comes in the form of a cottage. What makes this stylish is itsBuild with a large dark brown log. It may not have prominent features as the others, but it definitely feels natural, as if it’s a cabin in the woods! Feel cozy and warm as you hang out by at the terrace. The shape of the house is uniquely dimensional (especially in the roof). 

Casas inHAUS Modern home

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