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15 beautiful patio ideas for families who love to chill

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So your house has a wide, open space and you don't know what to do with it? A garden might be perfect. Too busy to maintain a garden? A patio might just be your best solution! Not only is it low maintenance compared to a garden, but it's also useful during you and your family's recreational activities like leisurely hangouts and house parties. If that tickles your imagination, then go ahead and see these 15 patios we've collected to help you get started on one of your own!

1. The classic and colonial

From a beautiful house in Russia, this patio is spacious with elevated roofing for higher ceilings. It's also equipped with simple yet classy pieces of outdoor furniture.

2. Retro and rustic

Mint green just does wonders against the more rustic brownish elements in this retro-inspired yet also somehow traditional-type of a patio. ''Shabby chic'' is also another term for this whole ensemble. 

3. Relaxed resort style

A wooden table set against a wooden patio surrounding a pool is another language for the ideal life with its laidback design and atmosphere. Besides, what else can top this breathtaking view? Check out the clear glass railing on this one plus the chic and breathable roofing over the table set.

4. Urban patio

Over at the balcony of one home is this cozy nook furnished with savvy wicker furniture and a lovely potted piece in between the seats. Helping achieve that urban vibe is the sun roof that's been painted in a black color.

5. In and out layout

While most houses have covered patios, this one puts together a roofed section met by a more open spot. The architects here however built beams with a container vessel-material wall on one side where the family can sit down and hide from the piercing heat of the sun. Now those beams are also great as exterior aesthetic enhancements which evokes a bit of an industrialist vibe.

6. Long back veranda

If you've got two buildings for your home, a connecting roof between the structures and their parallel doors might do you good. The space here has been utilized not only as a pathwalk but also as an elongated veranda with a long dining set for al fresco meals or just late afternoon hangouts. If you'd look closely, the roof here is an open gable with the beams and the slope visible from the inside.

7. Quaint poolside

Passing through the back and a few steps just by the pool is a quaint terrace built out of sturdy wood. It's fashioned like a pergola sans the trailing plants since the adjacent side pretty much fulfills the category on a backyard slash poolside garden. We're also loving the warm yellow hanging lights that complement the inside lighting. Nothing says chill than these warm lights with a view of the pool.

8. Cabin-like dream

Wood, brick, and glass come together in this narrow yet nature-loving patio. Other than being blessed with a drool-worthy view, the area guarantees fresh cool air and a tempered natural lighting because of the convertible canvas roofing. Can you also imagine how dreamy this spot would be at night with the floor candles lit at night?

9. Swinging garden

A thing that's more often than not interesting for kids at home is a cool swing set, but these days it's wiser to invest on something that would last literally a lifetime, if possible. That means, instead of opting for plastic and multi-colored swing sets, a classier one like this faux wooden design hanging on a brick and wooden pergola is a smart alternative. Not only can it accommodate kids, but it's also quite precocious in style.

10. Mediterranean feels

This house has got a more ornate design with its elaborate details on the floor patterns, the surrounding grills, and the choice of furnishings. In spite of these elements, the clean hues of blue, white, brown, and green compose the entire look and at the same time exude a perky atmosphere. The lamps also add a rustic effect to the Mediterranean theme.

11. Cozy outdoors

The Russian architect who conceptualized this house successfully brought outside what otherwise would have been only possible inside most stone houses—that is extending the cozy atmosphere of the interiors to be felt outside. Here, the patio captures that vibe through the balanced combination and positioning of the lights, the wooden elements, and the stony details. Nothing else competes against these and yet everything looks so impeccable!

12. Private corner

Find tranquility in this tucked corner of a brick and wood mansion that's reminiscent of large estates in Europe that appear sober. But that somber vibe can be overturned depending on the furnishings used and lighting installed. Here the designers used rattan sofa set with a high backrest. The color is also lighter than the surrounding wood so you have a nice contrast.

13. Royal treatment

Looking for that more pampered lifestyle or that whole royal treatment? Channel that into your patio with this clean design that brings together a classy palette of curtains, blooms, and elegant hanging lighting. We won't be so surprised finding Titas of cities flocked in this area with their fancy tea sets.

14. Eat and chill

The semi-outdoor kitchen captures our attention through our hearts and stomachs because of the open bar adjacent to the dining set. The color scheme also just sticks to a simple white, brown, and green combination which effortlessly evokes a sophisticated look. Farther back is an extra seating that's decorated with a wall-mounted plant set.

15. Tropical delight

In Spain, a house utilizes a spacious pool side with much investment without going unnecessarily extravagant. The area still coordinates with the whole laidback tropical theme of the area, using just wood for its gazeebo and likewise, wooden furnishings for easy maintenance.

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