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The perfect patio design for a relaxing siesta

Dayan Buensuceso—homify Dayan Buensuceso—homify
Van Mierlo Tuinen | Exclusieve Tuinontwerpen Country style garden
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It's quite a stretch to say that you want the gardens of Versailles in your backyard. If you have the resources, then why not right? But for those of us who want to replicate its class and elaborate design without exactly having the tracts of land to mimic the same, an quaint landscaped one with the right outdoor elements might prove to be more practical. Check out this patio that's as Versailles garden dreamy as it is fully functional!


Firstly, the garden includes a pavilion that's perfect for sitting down and enjoying tea, reading a book, or simply observing the natural environment. The grounds around it are a mosaic of flat stones interrupted by grass which create a fun mix while juxtaposing the tiny block cement flooring just along its boundary. Here you will also find the neatly trimmed bushed that could at least give a semblance of the famed maze garden in France.

Open terrace

Just a few steps beyond the pavilion is this open terrace made of wooden planks complete with cushioned wicker furnishings where the family can likewise enjoy a conversation and guests could do the same during intimate gatherings. On more sunny days, this convenient location becomes an ideal hang out spot with the aid of an overhead shade. We're absolutely gushing over this specific area and we'll elaborate on this later.

Overview of the garden

To give you an idea of entire garden layout, here's a zoomed out image of it including the lovely house it attaches to. The locations of the pavilion and the terrace are pretty much convenient coming from the house. The rest of the space is decorated by a well-maintained lawn and green garden. Shift your focus as well on the open terrace's design.

Outdoor barbeque spot

Just when you'd think that the tour is over, the house apparently features an outdoor grilling area where you can set your grilling equipment while entertaining a some guests and dazzling them with your culinary skills. Since it's open, it'll look breathtaking here day in and out!


As a continuation of our admiration for this open terrace, this area, as it turns out, overlooks a dainty pond surrounded by some flowers. Can you hear the soft ripple of the water or the leaves rustling as a gentle wind blows while you sit by the plush sofa here? We can. And we're quite sure that there's no place more relaxing in this house than this spot right here.

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