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24 kitchen designs that are easy to make

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The kitchen is not just a place to prepare meals, it’s considered the heart of the house. Personalize your kitchen by customizing various functional elements, and enhance with visible improvements from the kitchen layout. We have compiled cherry-picked useful ideas for those who want to meet their storage needs in maximum efficiency. You can design extra storage areas with functional cupboards, drawers, or rack systems. With aesthetic elements, you can make room in the bench area with open shelf systems to display kitchen items or to keep them according to your needs. Also, you can create multi-purpose cabinet covers with hidden shelves in built-in cabinets—according to necessity! Furthermore, you can explore on this ideabook for some alternatives to kitchen cabinets, countertops and shelf systems with these examples. Here are 25 examples of kitchen design you can copy for your own kitchen!

​1. Stylish and functional areas for small kitchens

If possible, maximize the walls by installing cabinets and shelf systems, so the kitchen stay organized and space optimized. Don’t forget to incorporate overall theme and design on this part of the house!

​2. Multi-purpose design

You can design the countertop area of the kitchen island serving multiple purposes—you can consider it as a bench, a dining area or both. 

​3. Linear layout

In the spacious and bright kitchen where contrasting colors are predominantly used, the linear order must be emphasized. 

​4. Modern interpretation of wood

You can use the natural material wood in floor coatings in more modern and sophisticated qualities, in lighter shades or colors. 

​5. Small but functional

In the kitchen with smaller elements, open shelf systems are designed and mounted to look spotless, chic and efficient. 

​6. Evaluate the corners

Evaluate the corners and edges that provide multi-purpose possibilities in your kitchen for table or bench use. 

​7. Simple lines

It is one of the most beautiful examples where a pattern of simple lines exhibits potential to make a big difference in the style and design. 

​8. Space-saving

House Passage of Landscape ihrmk Kitchen

House Passage of Landscape


 You can save floor space area by duplicating the wall-mounted open rack systems. 

​9. Bench and cupboard solutions in one wall

This model shows a very stylish and carefully designed kitchen, where bench and cupboard systems are solved in one wall.

10. Rustic style with warm atmosphere

Going for a rustic style is a timeless choice. The use of wood material is a must for this design; and thus exhibit a matching contemporary and cozy feel in this room.

​11. Decorative wall tiles

Color and patterns can be highlighted with harmonious wall tiles.

​12. Practical possibilities

The wooden bar area with small but stylish solutions allows the use of a 'snack bar' area for two people.

​13. Compact and classy

A compact and classy kitchen is achieved through the harmonious combination of the softness of the wood element and lightness of the white color. 

​14. Warm colors

Copy this and get yourself a stunning and extraordinary kitchen with a splendid harmony of red, black and white shades. 

​15. Wood and white

Having a white bench go together with wooden kitchen cabinets make up the perfect mix in your kitchen!

​16. Modern and light

A beautiful kitchen must come with the right lighting—make sure you use white lighting for this part of your home!

​17. Striking colors

Do not hesitate to use striking colors; however provide contrast by using neutral colors on the ground. 

​18. Dynamic colors

Striking colors gives a distinct appeal to those who want have a dynamic and lively atmosphere inside the house. 

​19. Elegant lighting elements

You can design lighting systems that work according to your needs, without sacrificing use of appropriate, and classy lighting elements. 

​20. Functionality

Do not overlook functional elements that you can make use of; design and incorporate kitchen cabinets over the counter.

​21. Minimalist approach

A kitchen designed in fine elegant lines clearly defines a minimalist approach. 

​22. A culinary island that meets all your needs

A beautiful kitchen will meet all kitchen needs having a kitchen island, small food preparation area and smooth connection to the dining area. 

​23. Spacious and warm atmosphere

In addition to the examples, this kitchen model can offer you its warm atmosphere. Nevertheless see endless different styles for your kitchen, here at homify.

​24. Corrugated steel workbenches and cupboard covers

You can choose stainless steel countertops and cupboards for stronger,  strength solutions.

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