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Today, we are guests and we’ll visit a special house that looks plain and simple at first sight. This house may look relatively small compared to regular houses but in actuality, perfectly fits one family! The minimalist design is perfect for this compact house as it creates a ‘spacious illusion’. Let us explore and bask in its every detail from the entrance hall, ceiling to the interior decoration. Today’s ideabook brings a lot of inspiration for all homeowners out there; grab a pen and take notes, because when you start decorating your house, you will definitely get some  details from this one. Let's examine every detail of this house only here at Homify!

Welcome to the little house

Let’s enter our charming little home. This house exudes a homey and cozy atmosphere with its while walls matched a wooden door and sleek dark gable roof. Just from the façade, you feel home already. The entrance door is decorated in a very stylish way by using natural. What’s interesting in this structure is the evident fusion of stones, wood and neutral shades of brown and white. The stone walkway adds an earthy feel to the façade and its hardness is being contrasted by the wood and white color. This little house can also afford a beautiful garden having an abundant available space. This garden will go perfect with stone roads.

Texture Compatibility

Even if you get a check for naturalness and aesthetics in every area where wood is used, a bad visual can emerge even if there is no harmony within the elements such as the choice of texture. For this reason, you need to grab texture alignment and create a stylish visual. You can see perfect harmony if you look closely from the entrance door to its surroundings covered in wooden panels. The transitions of the visuals and lines have been so smooth which makes the house special and beautiful.

Door details

When you continue to examine the house door and its surroundings, the door details will certainly fascinate you. The door design  is one good example of the harmony between glass and wood. It exhibits the an elegant blend between two shades and kinds of wood. Focusing on one kind of material with differing in some qualities shows boldness at the same time variety. You can try this cool combination for your home!

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