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Wardrobe designs you'll want in your home

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We remember a time when the only wardrobe options out there were flat-packed examples that were super wobbly and fell down at the drop of a hat, but thankfully those days are long gone! Now, wardrobes are barely recognisable, with people opting for increasingly lavish walk-in versions or huge built-in examples with sliding doors that seem to go on forever!

Whatever your available space, there will be a range of wardrobe options that will suit you, so come with us as we take a look at some of our favourites, but be warned; you might be persuaded to transform a spare bedroom…

Walk-in and wonderful

Isn't this walk-in wardrobe absolutely lovely? Created by the talented team at Rash Studio it has everything you could need, plus a cosy little stool and a pretty lamp! In fact, we'd go so far as to say that we would rather have this installed in our home than we would an en suite bathroom. 

Though not a large room, this wardrobe option makes great use of every available inch of space and takes an awkwardly shaped spot and makes it indispensable. The only thing we might add is a shoe rack, but perhaps we are getting carried away…

Colourful and fun

Nobody ever decreed that wardrobe options had to only come in wood or plastic and be boring, did they? If they did then we missed the memo because we were too busy looking at this astounding installation that not only accommodates for everything you could even vaguely think of, but looks like wall art whilst doing it!

Lava red perspex makes the doors pop and brings an incredibly retro, almost 60s vibe into play, which works perfectly with the wooden drawers and other furniture in the bedroom. The great thing about this design is that even on a smaller scale, it would still be fantastic!

Hidden wonder

When you want storage space, but don't want to allude to it, how about some camouflaged roof space wardrobe options? Far from being a boring style, these doors are pivoting on their edges to open up and reveal all your belongings, but when shut, you can forget they are there at all.

We think this would be a great addition to a converted loft space that is being used as a bedroom, as with the best design team in the world, there will still be awkward to use areas that are wasted storage opportunities and in a busy home, you can't afford to let that happen. 

Small but perfectly formed

Traditional Victorian terrace houses are a great source of unusual rooms and we always look at the 'box rooms', otherwise known as a third bedroom, according to estate agents and think that they would make for fantastic walk-in wardrobe options! This example give a good insight into what we mean.

Usually a step down from one of the main rooms, the box room will often be just large enough to accommodate hanging rails and storage cupboards, similarly to how this space is laid out. A little piece of carpet and some good lighting and all of a sudden a fairly useless space has been transformed into a little slice of luxury that you won't know how you did without!

A happy hybrid

This wardrobe is neither a walk-in nor a built-in. Instead, it seems to be a rather happy combination of the two in that you can step closer to your garments and hide them away, but it's certainly not a room in its own right and nor is it exposed enough to be considered alongside traditional built-in wardrobe options.

We like that a slither of the master bedroom has been sacrificed to accommodate this fantastic fashion haven and that plenty of usable storage space has been included. It's also fun to see that colour has been embraced within what looks to be a fairly minimalist space, with the sliding doors almost becoming art, in a Mondrian style.

The lap of luxury

When only luxury will do, you might be willing to create a super sleek and ultra modern walk-in wardrobe that is situated across the hallway from your bedroom! With clever lighting, precision storage and a mirror to end all doubts that you don't look fabulous in place, this is one example that simply overshadows most other wardrobe options. We can't help but thinking that if you agreed to your partner installing this, you would be able to barter for a shoe display room for yourself…

If you have always wanted a luxurious walk-in wardrobe, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Stylish Walk-in Wardrobes. We think you'll find plenty of inspiration for your next project!

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