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7 small homes you can build in the province

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In the capital, most homes are built in modern style. At times, we can see homes gifted with the abundance of nature around – an opportunity to turn it to a good ‘ol country style house. The “country style” home is usually built from natural materials such as stone brick, which gives a relaxing mood and warmth just like nature itself would give. One could also see the beauty of countryside homes designed in a simple way. Gable roof The implication of modernity is minimal; a gable roof is used, so as vast landscape covered in bright green areas can also  be seen.

Today, homify offers model homes perfect for the provincial setting. With key resources and strategic location, houses in the province can be decorated in country style. If you live on the countryside, or you just love that kind of atmosphere, this ideabook is definitely for you. You can build your dream home now!

1. Small house

This one-of-a-kind miniature house is furnished in country style. This is evident from the simplicity of the home. The color scheme of the building materials is a mixture of light white shade from the concrete and neutral brown shade from the bamboo; not to mention both are outstanding in strength and durability!  The interior is definitely cool and comfortable having a well-ventilated door and windows. Covered the ground with green grass adds a refreshing feeling too. And lastly, what’s another good point to add? This house is ideal for families with practical budget!

2. Stone house

This two-story house is beautifully built and looks attractive because of the natural materials used such as stone and wood. Decorating the wall with stones add distinct character and style. Other than being sure that it’s strong, it also reflects artistic taste. The warm color of wood surfaces on the exterior  as used as a fence and a window. Overall, the color scheme used is earth tones. Opt to decorate doors and windows are decorated with clear glass, to blend with the various materials used. And to finish the big picture, create a mini or side garden along the pavement; rows of potted plants and ornamental flowers will also do. The atmosphere of this house reflects nature in every sense!

3. Brick house

This simple single-storey house was built with a strong and unique material. Choosing ‘mon brick’ have several advantages such as reliable strength, long life and good heat absorption. It can surely  give you a cool summer! Though a little expensive compared to other material, the benefits it can give like heat absorption and redistribution is long term. In addition, a brick house can be stylish in so many ways, as you can decorate it with other materials or altogether, such as wooden frames and pillars. The combination of these elements with the addition of greens like trees can provide a warm and intimate feeling like that of nature. Perfect for relaxing at all times!

4. Green-toned stone house

In addition having trees or plants around, another way to create a refreshing and cooling atmosphere from the wonders of nature is to choose a green tone to decorate the house. The green shade is applied to the walls, which are cut to the floor covered in soft, lightly colored ceramic tiles. The fusion of such colors gives off a good blend of warm and cool feeling. Having light colored tiles and bricks for most parts of the house express a classic style which is mixed with the bold color of green, making it unique and special. This can be adapted to any home location, even on houses in the city!

5. The characteristic wooden house

The modern single-detached house is beautifully crafted  with a selection of wood-based construction materials, evident from the pillar structure, beams, ceilings, walls and floors. What’s good with using wood other than its warm and cozy shade, one can also mix and match it with other materials in harmony. Like in the model, the foundation of the house is made of stone and balconies, made of steel.

In addition to this beautiful wooden structure, the surrounding area is decorated vastly with rich green grass. The residents can relax and enjoy their activities as if they are close to nature anytime!

6. Earthy house

Another house that showcases country style, is this one built in the middle of an extensive, lush green fields. Naturally, it also adjusts the temperature to be cool all the time. Fresh air and cool wind breeze will always be felt. To add in design, you can plant trees and maximize the beauty of nature without going over the top. And as it matures, you can use the trees as shade if you want to go have picnic outside.

7. Elegant house in iconic black

At first look, this house design looks modern. One might be surprised to see the building materials used for the entire foundation is wood! The house certainly looks classy and luxurious with the bold and iconic black color. Despite its modernity, the wood element gives warmth and makes you feel close to nature. Additionally, make sure to use the type of wood which is termite resistance; or make sure to give the necessary protection it would need.

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