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6 refreshing resort-style houses on homify

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To have and to go home to a beautiful and inspiring house may be what many people want, and perhaps one’s greatest dream in life. A house does not need to be always luxurious and grand; as long as it’s comfortable and creative, you can already call it ‘home’ that can make us rest fully. In today’s ideabook, let’s take a look at these 6 small, bungalow style houses that are simply fantastic. Bask in the ambiance and always be in the mood for a vacation with these featured houses only here at homify!

Natural materials such as wood

To be able to get that cool beach and resort vibes, the number one material that you should invest in is ‘wood’. This model of a bungalow house uses wood as a whole. While this natural wonder is something that is easy to find and fast to construct, make sure you got the best quality to use. It also makes you feel warm and close to nature. Find more wooden house ideas here at homify and create a naturally warm and cozy atmosphere.

​Cozy and relaxing wooden house for every season

If you want to have a sweet escapade once or every weekend, this house is definitely for you. Every season, spend a night or two in this large wooden house and be exposed to all the wonders of the surrounding nature.

Away from the city life

Living in a small bungalow is not as hard as you think. Actually, most bungalows are small. However, a bungalow can accommodate almost everything meeting the needs of the family. All it takes it a little bit of creativity and tricks up our sleeves! Get close to nature, far from the noise and busy streets of the city.

Stylish bungalow house

The bungalow is a small-box shaped home which houses all things essential for small-sized family. There is a small modish terrace where family members can have a good chat. Enjoy the living room with a beautiful view. With this house, no need to go to luxury hotels.

Closer to nature

A bungalow does not have to be plain boring – make it chic. It can be fashionable at the same time have a countryside feel to it. Have more fun on your vacation made staycation.

Wooden house mixed with straw

Straw-built house is another new and unique idea. The straw material is best suited for small wall bungalows. In addition, the material on spotlight can be easily constructed for a house. In the cold weather, family members are protected as the straw helps to warm. While in summer, the use of the said material provides good heat insulation as well.
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