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8 habits to make your home life better

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When you think of a home, the idea of relaxation also comes to mind. No more stress or lesser responsibilities. Those kinds of thoughts. Contrary to these however, the idea of a home is also anchored on how to maintain it and keep that relaxing vibe consistent throughout. In other words, having a home requires effort and much responsibility. Can you imagine what your house would look and feel like once you leave, for example, the trash from the bin unremoved for weeks? Well, if not, just think bacteria, sickness and maybe even depression! So check out these 8 habits which we encourage you to develop so you can have that relaxing and happy home for eternity.

1. Clean the kitchen after use

People have this habit of cleaning the kitchen the following morning and it's not such a good idea especially when you don't want critters and insects to infest your food supply or food preparation area! So we highly suggest that immediately after using the kitchen, clean up on the area as well as with the utensils.

2. Refrain from eating in the bedroom

While there's trend of building a house where the interiors are versatile and can be used for various purposes, there's also a vulnerability to again  be infested with insects, ants, rodents, and cockroaches especially in the bedroom where we often take our dinners or snacks before actually sleeping or resting. Who honestly wants to sleep with these creatures visiting you every so often?

3. Hang and segregate clothing items

Keeping a wardrobe can be such a chore. Avoid the unnecessary pile build-up by investing on racks or investing your time to organize them with the use of baskets or plastic wares just so you can separate items accordingly.

4. Mix and match furnishings

Interior designing of the past relied heavily on form wherein what's supposed to be in the living room must only be confined to the living room. These days, it is important to keep a close eye on trends especially with properly mixing and matching furnishings.

5. Clean regularly

It's a cliche but nothing beats a clean and organized interior. Cleaning involves knowledge of affordable yet effective materials to properly rid your furnishings and crannies of dirt, stains, or soil. Search online if your own stock knowledge isn't enough because there are surprisingly lots of life hacks on cleaning available out there.

6. Clean the bathroom often

Eaton Mews North - Master Bathroom Roselind Wilson Design Modern bathroom
Roselind Wilson Design

Eaton Mews North—Master Bathroom

Roselind Wilson Design

By often, we're trying to target those who have a misconception  that cleaning the bathroom once a week is already enough. That area is the seat of our bodily excretions and moisture also naturally builds up in there so it doesn't do any harm if you clean it once or twice a day. 

7. Monitor the little details

These little details include checking on your power supply and seeing if it follows a direct connection which can be cut off once a short circuit occurs. Consult electricians to assist you on this and advice you on a safe electrical systems for your home. Another detail is to check on the elements that make up your interior design. Does one ornament fit in the general theme of your living room, for example?

8. Store your items with classification

In organizing your items, we highly suggest that you employ an order or system. It hits two birds with one stone after all—making your home look neat and making it more convenient for you to locate your items. 

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