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11 examples that prove prefabricated houses can be beautiful

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Some people get uneasy when the thought of a prefabricated house comes to mind. What is there not to like? It takes less time to make and the designs vary. I'm pretty sure some people's fear of prefabricated houses is rooted in how it looks small and generic. Not anymore. This Ideabook will surely make you say YES! to a prefabricated house!


Our first example of prefabricated house is characterized by wooden beams and other woodwork. Just a glance will show you just how big and spacious the whole house is!


One of the bedrooms can even fit three beds! Awesome!

L-shaped home

The second example is a ready-made example of a modern L-shaped home. Spacious exteriors and large sliding doors sound perfect to me.

Spacious interior

The house is quite spacious and it is evident that the dining room is a combination of the kitchen and living room.

Color Gradation

This wooden house is made of wood of differing tones and colors. 

Living space

The interiors of the wooden house has limited space. Despite that, it can still fit a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom.

Black beauty

Vipp Shelter Vipp Commercial Spaces

Vipp Shelter


This isn't one of your basic-looking homes. This one has a lot of character from its black walls and large glass walls.

Black and white bathroom

Vipp bathroom Vipp BathroomBathtubs & showers

Vipp bathroom


The transparent glass shower is lost in the darkness of the walls. But don't you worry! Proper lighting will ensure that you don't trip over anything.

Japanese Modern Architecture

Two-storey building with an upper floor terrace? Shut up and take my money!

Work under a ladder? Sure.

Look at the cute work area beneath the stairs! The person who did this definitely has an eye for design and organization.

Living room

The living room floor is raised a little bit to add character to the interiors of the house.

Pop of color

This prefabricated house is made of container units and a ton of creativity.

Space for days

We can feel the spaciousness of the interior in this panoramic shot of the living area!

Shack-y but not shabby

Dark prefabricated buildings with mountainous backdrop may seem too similar to a shack, but it's actually large and elegant.


The designer has designed the bathroom beautifully with a high ceiling and large tile mosaic in the middle of the bathroom.

Terrace, terrace, and more terrace

Large outside terrace? Check. Spacious and furnished interiors? Check!

Together, forever

The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all together in the house. 

Traditional wooden house structure

A cabin in the woods without being in the woods? Gimme!

Yes, this is prefabricated

Would you believe that this one is actually prefabricated? This two-storey house is as classic as classic can be.

Yes! This one's prefabricated too!

Our final featured house is, believe it or not, also prefabricated. Who said prefabricated can't be prefab-ulous?

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