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10 ways to expand your home without spending a lot

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When the house is a little too small to fit everything, it is time to take advantage of other unused home spaces and create that much-needed extension! While it requires us to open our wallets to get this done, it doesn't mean we have to go broke — there are various alternatives that will help you save money!

Here at homify we want to show you some space-saving ideas that you will surely love not only for the aesthetics but more importantly, the cost. The key is to use economical materials such as wood and concrete, or take advantage of structures that already exist and reuse them. Another possibility is to buy a prefabricated module and install an annex beside the house.  

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Good Wood

Wood is an ideal material for an extension to save up on the costs of using cement and other traditional materials. The entire work can be finished in a few days, and is ideal for those who want to rest and temporarily disconnect from everything.

Friendly tip: Remember to do maintenance work at least once a year with recommended products to avoid the deterioration of natural materials.

Drift Wood Design

The ideal floor for a lining is recycled wood which can be mounted on a deck or raised platform, as shown in the photo. To give touch of art, we recommend adding some rustic objects on the table, such as decorations or plants and complement them with small and colorful chairs.

To protect you from the heat of Philippine weather, install a pergola or lightweight aluminum structure with polycarbonate plates that allow light to pass through while protecting you from direct sunlight.

Wood and Glass

This design is ideal for those who want to expand the living room or create an office or study room. This particular environment is attached to an existing wall of the house and mounted on concrete straps with metal fastenings.

The space is fully armed with varnished recycled wood and has large windows, sliding door, thermal insulation and a roof resistant to all season changes.

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Wooden Mezzanine

Need an extra room? Make one! With the use of iron and wood to create the stairs, you can now have access to a floor of boards mounted on beams.

Glass and Aluminum

A simple and quick way to expand the home is through creating a gazebo-like area outside your home, like those of this model. The large windows give the feeling of being outdoors while protecting you from all the forces of nature. The red ceramic floor is economical, practical and durable. 


Bamboo is one of the simplest and most dynamic materials to work with; its dynamism being its main selling point.

As seen in the photo, a simple roof is made from bamboo, mounted on a wooden structure with transparent polycarbonate plates to prevent moisture from passing through.

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Polycarbonate Roofing

A seen in the photo a parking space can be made by mounting wooden columns and a structure of the same material to the walls and installing translucent polycarbonate plates to protect cars from the sun, humidity and inclement weather.

Transformer: Container Edition

An ideal solution, although not always easy to get and transport is the container. Transform the seemingly boring container by painting it with a bright color and installing glass sliding doors on one side.

Plastic cabin

When you need additional space in the house you can opt for a garden house like the one in the picture. It is made out of plastic but is extremely durable.

There are models that allow incorporation of translucent areas in the ceiling to let natural light pass. This is ideal to use as a study room or workshop.


Take advantage of the idle space in your backyard by creating a patio or terrace gain a cool new hangout place! You can use concrete beams, as they are inexpensive, easy to install, and low maintenance.

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