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142 square meter home with a spacious vibe

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
Pracownia Projektowa 8 Sekund Damian Wołoszyn Modern home
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When we hear the word 'bungalow', the first word that usually come to mind is 'small' or 'constricting' and maybe even 'bachelor pad' for some. These first impressions could be true for most, but not for this house. The architects of Pracownia Projektowa 8 Second designed a bungalow that appears more spacious for a 142sqm bungalow. By optimally utilizing the existing space they've created a wonderful family home that is ideal for barrier-free living.

Modern bungalow

As seen from the façade, we see how its simple clean lines and minimal details can deliberately create depth that make the house appear wider. Using one color tone that matches the wood finish make this a very eye-catching bungalow.

The living room

Just look at this spacious living room. Having an almost monochromatic color tone with bits of texture as seen on the stone walls and the carpet create that warm unified look. On the other hand, the white furniture and unobtrusive light fixtures keep the space looking clean and uncluttered. Then there's that large glass window that takes the outdoors in, creating that illusion of added space, and at the same time, illuminates the whole room for that light and airy atmosphere.

An open living area

The living room is very open. With the use of white strips of wood, you can have a divider that separates two areas of the house. The fact that you can see through it makes this design trick a wonderful feature for making the space appear larger. The simple vertical lines also make the ceiling appear higher. The modern fireplace is also in-keeping with the overall clean and sleek look of the house.

The kitchen

The kitchen also has that same color scheme as the rest of the house, only, it have more white than grey. The furniture as well as the countertop and the cabinets are also kept simple and sleek, similar to the style of the living room. Also, notice how all the hanging lights have the same color - it's a very nice detail that accents the space. Then of course, there's that large glass window that infuses you and draws you out to the outdoors. Nowadays, houses with less walls can sometimes provide the best architectural design.

Wood elements

Upon closer inspection, you'll see how the wood panel breaks through the plain white façade, adding so much character to the house. Even more, the light brown tones make it feel homey while also providing a clean fresh atmosphere. The horizontal windows with black frames also keep the house looking sleek and modern. Now you know how to make a small space appear larger than it really is.

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