Woodworking DIY: How to repair and restore wood in your house

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Wood may be the prettiest thing you have inside the house, but it's also the one that needs the most attention. You should always allot time to take care of it as it is an important element in the interior design of your home. Today, we are showing you tips and tricks on how to repair and restore wood in your house. Let's get started!

Remove white spots

Glass rings often result to white spots on the surface of the wood. To remove this, try polishing the surface with liquid furniture polish while buffing the surface firmly. If it does not work, lightly wipe the stained surface with denatured alcohol. Use as little as possible as too much can damage the wood.

Take out wax and gum spots

Wax and gum must be removed carefully to prevent damage to the finish of the wood. The first thing to do is to let the deposit harden, then lift if off. To make this easier, press it with ice wrapped in a towel.

Get rid of black spots

The black spots you see on wood are caused by water that has penetrated the wood completely. If this is visible on the surface, it can be easily removed. Otherwise, the entire piece of furniture has to be stripped and the surface must be treated with a solution of oxalic acid. 

Restore wood naturally

The thing you need to restore wood is just in your kitchen.Coconut oil rehydrates wood and it also restores the wood's natural color and glow.

Stain and darken wood

Do you want to get a darker color for your wood? Try either balsamic or apple cider vinegar. Tip: Scrub with a wire brush for texture.

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