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Amazing ideas for your small wooden cottage

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Have you ever considered extending your home or adding a little more comfy space? This is not just another renovation project, today we'll introduce you to the idea of building a cottage outside of your house. It could be the perfect storage room to house your tools. It could also serve as a lounge area or even as a guestroom. The best part about this project is that constructing a small cottage isn't that complicated and can be built pretty quickly.

1. That wonderful cedar wood scent

Have you ever entered a house made of cedar? Well I'm telling you now, the scent of cedar is heavenly. I'm sure your friends will love the soothing aroma and how the nicely decorated cottage made their stay very memorable in your guestroom. This cottage is quite sizable, so it could be made to function the same way a small house would. Another wonderful aspect of this lodge is the front porch which resonates that laid-back cottage style. Lastly, adding that pebbled pathway provides a prairie ambiance that highlights the color of the cedar. I say, this small cottage is definitely a place where you would gladly take your boots off to.

2. Classic Scandinavian cottage

This cottage shed is visually appealing as it is inspired by Scandinavian design and craftsmanship. The contrast between the dark grey walls and the white trimmings are quite unusual for a maroon-tiled roof—but surprisingly, it works! In fact, it looks so interesting that maybe you'd want to chop firewood more often just to have it stored along the side of the cottage. 

3. Increased cabin space in the garden

modern Garden by Gartenhaus2000 GmbH
Gartenhaus2000 GmbH

Varianta 28 ST Gartenhaus mit Terrasse von Wolff Finnhaus

Gartenhaus2000 GmbH

A simple white cottage structure could also be multi-functional. In this case, it is both as a lounge area and storage space. This could easily be built along the garden, making it a practical and stylish way to maximize the usable space in your home.

4. Modern style cottage

modern Garden by design@garten - Alfred Hart
design@garten—Alfred Hart

design Gartenhaus @gart zwei

design@garten - Alfred Hart

Almost hidden among the bushes is this simple non-invasive cottage—a space perfect for storage. This rectangular structure has a glass window strip that lets the light in, making it look industrial and modern. 

5. Little cottage house

modern Garden by Gartenhaus2000 GmbH
Gartenhaus2000 GmbH

Kaya 44-B ST Gartenhaus mit Schiebetür von Wolff Finnhaus

Gartenhaus2000 GmbH

This beach-shack-inspired cottage exudes that cool vacation feel. The glossy and striking red roof and walls along with white framed sliding glass doors make quite a statement and is not for the faint-hearted. If you are adventurous enough, then feel free to experiment with vibrant colors for your cottage. Have fun and make that space reflect your style!

6. Compact country style cottage

modern Garden by Gartenhaus2000 GmbH
Gartenhaus2000 GmbH

Klassische Holz Gartenhaus Mona 34-BG von Wolff Finnhaus

Gartenhaus2000 GmbH

Check out this country style wooden hut. At first glance, you would notice how this shade of wood makes the house look warm and natural. The half-French door is a stylish touch and the triangular openings at the top allows for air to circulate inside. For those who are more inclined to the country style huts are sure to love this little cottage. 

7. Box-type cottage

This simple rectangular cottage is the perfect gardening toolbox for you. These structures don't need to be complicated. In fact, there's so much beauty in its simplicity. Having a simple and a structure built on a platform that is hanging over the water—definitely exudes a sense of zen.

8. Countryside cottage

scandinavian Houses by Betana Blockhaus GmbH
Betana Blockhaus GmbH

Gartenhaus Friedland

Betana Blockhaus GmbH

If you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, then it would make-sense to have a cottage that brings out that same natural earthy feel. Having a house made of wood has that humbling and nostalgic quality to it. It gives you that peaceful and relaxing mood. Having a modest cottage like this is a wonderful way to be in tune with nature.

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