44 photos of homes with beautiful gardens

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Living under one roof with your family is a great thing but sometimes being with them 24/7 can be suffocating so it is during these discomforting times that we seek refuge in our bedrooms, reading rooms, terraces, or the better part which is in our gardens. The latter is probably the best spot to cool off because you have the company of nature to calm you down. It may not even have to be as dramatic as that because your family can easily bond and play in this area! See these 44 houses where fun and relaxation are taken into serious consideration.

1. Country house with a spacious wooden and concrete patio

2. Modern, geometric building with a playground

3. Hip roofed bungalow with stone steps in the back

4. Japanese-styled garden

5. Neat and lush lawn for an entertaining backyard

6. English countryside with mansard roofing and red bricks

7. Sloping terrain and moss along the cracks

8. Japanese terrace overlooking the outdoors

9. Earthy and sophisticated al fresco

10. Romantic in black and white

11. A terrace upon a terrace

12. Horticulturist's playground

13. Korean and Mediterranean living

14. Textured cladding meets wooden patio and verdant backyard

15. Standing seam, concrete, wood, and stones against the greens

16. Drive through courtyard

17. Systematic front garden and path walk

18. Asian and laidback housing

HOUSE-04(renovation), dwarf dwarf Classic style houses Wood Green

19. Stylish bungalow with a well-kept garden

20. Minimalist and spacious both inside and out

21. Colonial wooden two-storey for that haciendero vibe

22. Expansive lawn for a rustic house

23. Ultra modern home with a solid green backyard

24. Hillside villa that's gloriously lit at night

25. Conservative yet resort-like two-storey

26. Geometric, rustic, and romantic

27. Simply sophisticated with the right amount of space for privacy and inclusivity

28. A white, glassy, and boxy two-storey for the understated glamorous

29. Effortlessly chic from top to bottom

30. Yin and yang meets wooden patio and trampoline

31. Refreshing dimensions from the roof to the terrain

32. Traditional and contemporary with a gardener's backyard.

33. Red, brown, and white against the green grass

34. A well-defined and professional manor

35. Dreamy stone mansion with a party-ready pool area

36. Metropolitan-inspired with a romantic twist in the garden

37. Contemporary structure in the midst of the evergreen

38. Down-to-earth with a fun foot path lit by outdoor lights at night

39. Beverly Hills-inspired mansion

40. Classy anf traditional white house with a lovely porch

41. French windowed building that descends to an endearing rural garden

42. Three levels from which to see an enviable backyard

43. A two-storey that's blushed against the earth

44. Breathtaking combination of stone and wood

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