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Cheap houses that are cool and comfortable at the same time

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Prefabricated homes have become popular around the world, because it’s a lot cheaper than traditional houses. At the same time, construction period is short and it is environmentally friendlier than the usual landed properties. While this type of housing is relatively new, it has become favorable to many as families are able to have a ‘warm nest’ in this era of high prices, beyond the prevailing economic conditions.

Many people have doubts about the stability of the prefabricated house, also commonly known as ‘combined house’. Now, many experts are updating existing technology, so that ‘prefab’ houses have strong foundation and structure;  some even earthquake-proof.

In this ideabook, we have sorted out eight low-cost and beautiful prefabricated houses, all of which are different in style. Hence, let us challenge your pre-established impression of prefabricated houses.

1. Traditional style

The first prefab house is very rustic in style – with dark gray tiles and white walls, you can have a simple and neat design. With a closer look, notice that the designers also did mix and match with the modern elements of wood and stone, to put together a beautiful traditional home with a contemporary touch.

2. Oblique roof

This combined house with a sloping roof is the type you always see in a Hollywood movie. Opt for a pastel or light shade for the walls to have that relaxing mood for your house.  Also, have a garage design that would be convenient for your family.

3. Ultra-stylish cottage

Schoolmasters eco house build different Modern home
build different

Schoolmasters eco house

build different

Seemingly low-key bungalows made of wood, concrete, steel and glass, look simply classic (and not ordinary!). Go with the glass doors when creating your own house design or architecture, to emphasize that sophisticated look. After the exterior, come inside the house and get even surprised by its super stylish interior! Who could associate this house with a traditional prefabricated house?

4. White and wood

This example shows how the color of white and the element of wood go in perfect harmony. The white-dominated home looks taller, warmer and gentler because of the wood shutters. Spacious floor-to-ceiling windows leading to outdoor terraces and indoors is one hip and suitable design for the modern style house planning. Give it a try!

5. Wooden prefabricated house

Unique wooden box-shaped houses can make people feel amazing and extraordinary! Entering into the house, lightwood materials are used to create a comfortable and warm ambiance. Feel like you’re always in a vacation as you go home to a house such as this, and bask in the fresh atmosphere same as in the countryside.

6. Home with large porch

The two-storey home has a rather traditional façade, while having a wide, expansive porch that is a good place for the whole family to enjoy the fresh air outside and have outdoor bonding moments regardless of the sun and the rain. Check cool designs for your own porch

7. 100-square meters of home

This 100-square meter of home can look bigger and better adding a stone-based wall; look stylish and simple with such design! With that design on front of the house, people won’t imagine bright and clean the rooms are. In all the blocks, our favorite is the perky and large kitchen!

8. Traditional huts

This traditional wooden house has all the elements of a ‘regular’ hut. This house design is a dream for those who wants a stylish home but at the same time just has enough funds. Your prefabricated house will look like an expensive cottage. While you’re at it, why not check if you can have enough room for an alfresco area so you can invite friends over and just chill around the house. Again, you can add glass doors to match your wooden exterior to add variety and class.

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