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10 ways to set your home up for productivity

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Productivity—that ever-elusive quality that we all strive toward in our occupations and other life pursuits. We all seek to be more productive in our daily lives, increasing our output for the amount of time spent on each task. This can be a tall order, however, since we often mistake business for efficiency. Most of us know that this is definitely not the case, since you can run around for hours without achieving much. 

Today we will look at some great tips to boost your productivity at home. This can certainly be one of the most difficult places to keep your productivity levels in the green and to excel in your daily tasks, mainly due to the distractions and comforts of your own home. Whether you work from home as a rule, are studying, or simply need to get various tasks done in your at-home environment, these tips are sure to help you out in a pinch.

Join us through this list and explore insider tips for productivity!

1. Set up working hours

scandinavian  by Silva Design, Scandinavian Plywood
Silva Design

Scandi Clock—wooden clock, simple, modern

Silva Design

When working from home, you need to set up boundaries, just like any professional. So, even though you may be a freelancer, make sure to set up your own office hours, and keep to them. Otherwise, your work and personal life will mesh beyond what is good for your health!

2. Dedicated space

It's always important to have a dedicated space where you can work, so ensuring focus and increased chances of productivity. 

3. Declutter

A clear space is a productive space—open to the possibilities of your creation. 

4. Nature is key

Numerous studies demonstrate the benefits of nature on our cognitive functioning and general well-being. Include plants in abundance to increase your energy and enhance your focus. 

5. Screen-free bedroom

If you are to remain productive, you will need to get high-quality rest. In order to do this, make sure to remove all screens from your bedroom, reserving this sacred space only for rest. 

6. Stocked coffee station

Open Space With Tea Making Unit by Creazione Interiors
Creazione Interiors

Open Space With Tea Making Unit

Creazione Interiors

Keep a neat coffee/tea station that is easily accessible and well-stocked when you need regular pick-me-ups during your work sessions. 

7. Habits and routine

Routine is the baseline of productivity. It eliminates too many unnecessary choices in order that you may spend the bulk of your time and energy on the task at hand. This doesn't mean you have to follow the same schedule for the rest of your life, but when you are in high-stress periods, stick to a basic routine as your foundation. 

Your routine will be built on positive habits, such as making your bed the moment you get up. Many agree that if you make your bed in the morning, you achieved at least one positive thing to set the tone for the day. 

8. Turn off distractions

modern  by The Wooden Furniture Store, Modern Wood Wood effect
The Wooden Furniture Store

Stunning solid walnut twin pedestal desk

The Wooden Furniture Store

Segment your tasks and devote all of your attention to one task at a time. In order to do this, you need to switch off all other distractions. You can use the Pomodoro Technique suggested by Francesco Cirillo, working uninterrupted for 25 minutes at a time and taking short breaks in between. 

9. Sitting is the new smoking

Lately, the news has been full of findings of the detrimental effect long periods of sitting can have on your health, especially when it comes to obesity and metabolic syndrome. Up your health and your productivity by investing in a standing desk, or simply working on a surface at which you can stand instead of sit. 

10. Make way for meditation

We are experiencing a mindfulness revolution, and the calming, clarify state induced by meditation is revered for allowing the right frame of mind for increasing productivity. Take regular time out to meditate, and make a special place to do so undisturbed. You can even get a serene meditation tent such as in the picture!

Now that your home is set up for productivity, you surely want to have it look good as well! Here are 11 low-cost home improvement ideas you can do yourself. 

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