A traditional home for a beautiful family in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

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An Indian home is ideally a combination of both traditional and modern sensibilities. So, today let’s take you on a tour of this house that is deeply rooted with Indian values but has moved on with modern times and mind-sets as well. This house has beautiful interiors and equally outstanding exteriors. Designed in a wide area of 680 m2, Nellore, this house is brought to life by Designer galaxy, Interior architects from Nellore.

A bold seating

A secondary seating area is created beside the living room, which is the main seating. This part of the house is given a bold look with orange colour as the backdrop. The effect of this bright shade is muted with the help of wooden detailing and subtly upholstered wooden furniture. The flooring and a dull modern art on the wall further neutralise the bold effect. Don’t go by the dull furniture as it is made of high class and highly durable wood.

Welcome with wood!

The entrance id created in a typical traditional style. A combination of metal and wood is used to create a beautiful gate that further takes you inside the house that has wooden entrance doors as well. This wooden door is designed amidst a stonewall that acts as the perfect backdrop. The door comes with traditional carvings on the top to create a deep Indian effect. The inclusion of golden door hangings and handles takes you aback in those royal times when these fixtures used to be very common.

Blessed by Buddha

As this house is made on traditional values and principles, it has presence of deities and statues at regular intervals. You can find a brass statue of Buddha in the above seating area, which makes the whole place pious and blissful with its esteemed presence. It is well placed in a beautiful wall arrangement that is made with white jail railings and wooden frame.

Puja room

The Puja room is easily visible from a distance. It is an extended part of living room but secluded by thick wooden doors. The doors of this room are designed with golden embellishments of deities that render a signature appeal of a South Indian temple. Also, the lighting and temple bells make this zone a perfect Zen filled area. Similar white lacquered patterns are visible on the puja room as well.

Lavish living

The living room is filled with paintings and statues of deities. It has a subtle beige sofa set as the main seating area that is contrasted by a darkly painted brown coffee table. While the opposite wall has a wall mounted TV and wall cabinet, the wall behind the sofa is the most striking feature of this room. It has these small wall incursions that are perfectly lit with mellow yellow light with delicate figurines in each of them.

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A palette of colours

Exterior Elevation DESIGNER GALAXY Modern home

Exterior Elevation


The exteriors of this house are designed with beautiful and bold colours. They make use of sassy designs and bright colours like yellow and wooden brown to make an absolute stunning masterpiece. This house is spanned over several floors and while it has its sides painted in subtle white, the faced is beautifully done in a melange of colours, of which yellow is the most prominent.

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