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Cheap and simple ways to make your home look stylish

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After a long day’s work, it is so satisfying to go home to a relaxing house. But what if your home makes you feel unsatisfied? One may say, anyone has always something to complain about in his flat. In fact, one only needs to use their creativity to generate even the smallest ideas of decoration, and turn their home from dull and boring to a lovely and stylish one!

  Let's take a look at these 10 tips!

​1. Create an outdoor dining area

If you think the family area is too plain and boring, it is better to try this method! Recreate a part of your alfresco area by placing some tables and chairs to form an outdoor dining area. This will make your home a little different and fun! You can invite friends over for a home party, no need to go out!

​2. Make good use of corridor space

We used to ignore the indoor entrance, corridor and ladder position, as we often pay much attention to the living room, kitchen and bedroom design. It’s such a big mistake that we miss to decorate the corridor, entrance hall and other spaces. Like this program, the designer turned the corridor into a gallery full of artistic atmosphere showing classy taste, accompanied by elegant purple and white flowers.

If you're one who loves a a simple yet classic home, don't miss to see this one!

​3. Full of modern furniture and home accessories

Dining Table with enamel lamp shades homify Modern dining room

Dining Table with enamel lamp shades


Sometimes, the old furniture is the main reason leading to the outdated appearance of the house. Invest in unique furniture and modern home accessories, and bring a big transformation to your home. If you’re still a little nervous (being a beginner but full of hope!), you can ask or consult the experts or search for more here in homify, to expand your knowledge and choose the most suitable for your style.

​4. Add spa facilities to your house

To experience the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the spa facilities at home is almost everyone's dream.  Fortunately, it is definitely not a daydream anymore, with all the available resources right now you can already enjoy a soothing spa treatment in your own dwelling place. For the room design, let’s look at the photo further. In this small apartment, the experts use a transparent large glass to separate the bathroom from the bedroom area. In turn, the bathroom has become a home decor, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes!

​5. The matching door and wall

The main door of the house and the outer wall determine people’s first impression; so the choice of materials and colors for the door design and external walls, should be given much effort and attention as these mainly affect the appearance of the house. For example is this Greek-style house, which emphasizes the iconic theme of the blue sea. The blue and white shades of the door  and walls blend perfectly, making people feel comfortable as if in a holiday.

​6. Use the power of lighting

Among the many home furnishings, lighting itself and the lighting equipment can significantly change the feeling and mood at home. Simply making the choice of extraordinary chandeliers can immediately make the room fashionable, as it possesses strong decorative essence, with a wide variety of styles you can use.

​7. Create a small oasis

Another place that is often overlooked is the entrance to the door. Whether it is morning or night, plenty of light for the location of the door is very important! A bright entrance makes people feel welcome and warm; at the same time, go match the said area with green plants and potted plants, to have a touch of nature and eventually make the house even more fashionable.   To enhance and optimize every inch of space in your entrance hall, check this article out

​8. Use special kitchen design

The kitchen is the soul of every house. With the modern kitchen cabinet design often in dim color and dull material, the house feels or becomes ordinary. Why not use special-color kitchen cabinets and or patterned brick and tiles to liven up the atmosphere. Consider and customize certain elements to incorporate your preferred design and make it more personal.

​9. Decoration of smallpox

Although the general design of the smallpox came from the old-fashioned house, it can be integrated with the modern design of the ceiling to make the room classier, like the hall above with its delicate and simple embossed ceilings. Surely, your house will look timeless and elegant.

​10. Stylish closet

Do you have too much clothes in your room? Having little space for the clothes will make your room seem like total chaos. This time, the closet is your good helper, creating a secret storage space while making you feel good with its neat and chic look!

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