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Steps to preventing and eliminating fungus in the home

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Moisture build-up is often a problem in our homes. In particular, our bathrooms and kitchens are the most vulnerable. When there's excessive moisture, fungi can grow which any one can inhale. If we do ignore moisture, it can compromise our family's health and at homify, we value not just the appearance of your houses but also their cleanliness because after all, what's a home without a happy and healthy family, right? Here are five techniques to reduce moisture in the home.

1. Baking soda solution

Too much moisture can possibly cause fungal infection so the first on our list is eliminating fungus. To do this, you can use baking powder. Dissolve two tablespoons of it in 700 ml water and aff two tablespoons of salt to the mixture. Next, pour the solution into a spray bottle and add two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Shake the solution well and spray against the contaminated area.

2. Windows

You know when they said that prevention is better than cure, they also spoke for the house and specifically fungi infestation. So to do this, you have to be strategic enough to determine those areas in your house where moisture would most likely accumulate and then try to place or construct a window there. Windows provide ventilation and when  there's such, you'd have a less humid interior. Seek assistance with your architect on this project.

3. Salt

Aside from using it as an ingredient for your dishes, salt can also prevent moisture formation because it absorbs the latter. Simply pour 150 grams of salt into a small plastic dish or container. You could cover the top with a cloth or clean old sock and secure the cloth with an elastic band. Place this near the bath tub or any spot that's susceptible to moisture.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar, like salt, also has absorbent qualities. To prevent mold growth, just apply vinegar on the wall or spaces. You can use an empty spray bottle to pour the vinegar in, that way it's easier to apply on the wall.

5. Smart paint

These days, technology and science have allowed paint to prevent the formation of fungi and bacterial on houses. Isn't that just brilliant? Paint manufacturers in the Philippines have also been creating these. Consult your architects and painters to acquaint you  on these innovative products.

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