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10 floor tiles that you can easily clean

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Tiles are the basic materials for home decoration. While it mainly gives us protection, choosing our preferred design contributes to the beauty of the interior! There are plenty of styles to make and customize with this versatile material – it can even be used both indoors and outdoors. While there are many designs and colors to choose from, one should consider the area where the tile should be used on. Nevertheless, having some of these at home is a good decision. Why? Let me share you some of its advantages: (1) it is easy to clean; (2) it is not difficult to find; and if it gets damaged during use, only affected parts will be replaced, no need to dismantle all.

By selecting tiles for each part of the home, it is important to think throroughly the elements as well. For floor tiles, it is better to have a thicker tile than the wall because it’ll have to support weight from all the walking from time to time. The tile for the native folk casing should be matte or a little matte-ish to prevent slipping while walking—especially those tiles in the bathroom!

Another important factor would be the size of the tile selected in relation to the use in each area. For example, the floor tiles for the hall should have a larger size. Same as the color of the tiles should be chosen to be beautiful; and must be appropriate for the usage area. Don’t forget to include the main colors used in home decor as well so as to stay in sync with the overall theme of the house.

Try ideas found in today’s ideabook and use tiles in each area of the house better!

1. Color tiles for living room.

The living room has been the most common area for the family members, or even with relatives and friends, to share a common activity, a get together or gathering. Choosing a tile to decorate the floor can be a fun and joyful color, one that gives you a ‘welcoming’ and ‘lively’ feeling. This kind of tiles is also easy to clean.

2. Dark tile for the entrance of the house.

Kindly observe the tile which can be used to cover the entrance to the front of the house. The tile used is strong, well of course with a variety of colors to choose from. However, here’s our pro tip: choose dark-colored tiles for this hall, because anyone who visits you, or delivers to you will just step right here with this part being the point of contact; just imagine all the dirt it can accumulate in such short period of time – use this kind of tile to help with the cleaning. Covering it up with a dark tone, matte finish and textured style will look as if you styled it, while you’re just thinking of better ways to keeping it clean and looking fantastic!

3. More floor tile ideas for the living room

While you can choose a particular shade for your tiles in the entertainment section of the house, altogether select the furniture to be placed in the living room matching the hue; like for example your favorite sofa in a similar hue. This keeps a beautiful harmony. Also this type of tiles is easy to maintain, so do not worry about cleanliness.

4. Kitchen floor tiles

Kitchen is another area in the house that is prone to getting easily messy, but ironically has to stay spick and span. It has to be free from spills, so as slipper floors must be avoided. The choice of tiles to pave the kitchen floor should be though thoroughly because in the end, it may be troublesome. Pick tiles that can almost be easily cleaned with plain water. At the same time, choose the tile that can effortlessly look shiny clean like the one in the photo!

5. Floor tiles and walkways in the house

Walkway—it is another area where all members pass through, to and fro. Eventually, many guests will have to walk past too. Choose simple, beautiful tiles to decorate your home. Have ones that are stylish but low-key. We would want our guests so as ourselves to feel homey with the design of course and not feel stiff as if you’re in a place like museums that you have to be careful and aware. For this apart of the house, go for a simple yet stylish look no need to emphasize a certain thing here, focus on the other rooms!

​6. Floor tiles outside the house.

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Ground Floor Extension, Drury Rd

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Choose a tile for the floor in front of the house; which is another important area. In addition to its beautifying and aesthetic purposes, this also serves as if the first defense. Though outdoors,  this should keep feeling like a safe place. With the situation in various forms, both hot and cold, utlizing tiles in general is the best choice for this part.

​7. Tiles outside the terrace.

It should also be the same with the outside terrace. This area is the one that meets all kinds of weather, so the choice of tiles I would recommend is one with a strong material and easy maintenance. Remember, it'll have to face and withstand different kinds of season for a long period of time (well, we would want something convenient and practical, long-lasting and looking great!).

​8. Tiles in the dining room

White decoration is often used in areas where there is need for airiness and cleanliness, such as the dining room. Well, it is another area that can use cool floor tile, which can also be combined with furniture.Other decorations matching the floor tiles, that are not too complicated can also be good for this certain region of home.  

​9. Ideal tiles for the bedroom

For many people, the bedroom can almost always be called as a small house hidden in a large house. For people who loves to rest, they tend to relax and stay longer in this particular room. The style in the bedroom can be based on all the rooms brought in together. Choosing the color of the flooring then leads to choosing the tone of the room. Or if a family member has a favorite bedroom style or a special color, you can choose to enjoy it and partner it with your preferred tile design and color.

​10. Tiles with garden next to the house

Tiles are not just for indoors. In addition to the choice of tiles for home use, utilize more suitable tiles for the garden area outside the house.

If you have a large, plain garden, check out these beautiful home designs and suggestions to recreate in your garden!

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