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Renovation of a Mews House central London Saunders Interiors Ltd Kitchen
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You've certainly heard the term 'Art Deco' in the past, but are you familiar with what defines an Art Deco home? Art Deco was an influential design and art style that began flourishing in the boom of the 1920s, and has remained much loved ever since. Art Deco aimed to go against the grain of tradition at the time, and symbolised wealth and sophistication. The style is often characterised by rich colours, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation. Art Deco still features prominently across the globe, from the world famous Art Deco Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair, Battersea Power Station, to the distinctive Chrysler building in New York City. Art Deco featured in everything from art, cinema, architecture, fashion, cars, and in our case today, kitchens. Whilst some Art Deco kitchens may be instantly recognisable, others may draw inspiration in bits and pieces, mixing Art Deco elements with other kitchen design themes. For a taste of modern Art Deco kitchens, check out these Art Deco inspired homes.

Refined Art Deco

Ever since the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, Art Deco is back in the limelight thanks to Hollywood's rendition of the glamour of the Roaring 20s. One strong characteristic of Art Deco was bold geometry, especially curvaceous shapes. This kitchen from Designer Kitchen by Morgan uses the visual impact of curves in the kitchen to maximum effect. The kitchen island is a more anomalous shape compared to a more conventional rectangular kitchen island, which instantly gives this kitchen a unique, eye-catching design. Along with the decorative elements in the glass of the cabinet doors, Art Deco has certainly been one influence for this kitchen's character.

Art deco meets modern

Diane Berry Kitchens have drawn inspiration from the Art Deco style of the 20s and 30s in this modern kitchen, again using curves on the kitchen benchtop, dressed up with bold breakfast bar chairs in a shiny finish, ceiling cornices, and the unmissable addition of a chandelier. These elements come together in an otherwise modern kitchen that's drowning in natural light, thanks to the skylight and full-height glazed sliding doors that open on to the garden.

A palette of black & white

Urban Theme Terra Oak and White Gloss Urban Myth Kitchen
Urban Myth

Urban Theme Terra Oak and White Gloss

Urban Myth

Along with bold colours, strong use of black and white and shiny surfaces also defined the Art Deco style. Urban Myth have taken the impact of black and white to a new level in this kitchen, using a distinctly monochrome colour palette, dressed up with metal surfaces in the appliances. Illuminating the space are three chandeliers; their classic design a bold contrast to the modern air of this kitchen.

Dark timber

Modern Open Plan Family Kitchen near Romsey, Hampshire Solent Kitchen Design Ltd Kitchen
Solent Kitchen Design Ltd

Modern Open Plan Family Kitchen near Romsey, Hampshire

Solent Kitchen Design Ltd

Dark timber is also used prominently throughout Art Deco interiors, dressed up with contrasting shiny finishes of silver, brass or gold. Again using curves to great visual effect is this space from Solent Kitchen Design, who have drawn inspiration from the Art Deco era. A polished floor also helps to bring a feeling of the roaring 20s to this home, where lavishness, modernity, and sophistication were the feelings aimed at by an Art Deco interior.

Art Deco dining

Renovation of a Mews House central London Saunders Interiors Ltd Kitchen
Saunders Interiors Ltd

Renovation of a Mews House central London

Saunders Interiors Ltd

Simple and bold patterns in black and white can also be characterised as Art Deco, and in this small kitchen and adjacent dining area from Saunders Interiors, all it takes is some shapely decorative elements in black, white and chrome to give this home personality, and evidence the attention to detail this style is famous for. Just like Jay Gatsby himself, this space is refined, sleek, sharp, clean cut, and dressed in a perfect mix of black and white. 

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Casas inHAUS Modern home

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