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9 beautiful homes in interesting shapes

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Максим Любецкий Minimalist house
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Today, we are showing you 9 stunning works of architecture. These houses come in interesting, unexpected, and intriguing shapes. Their designs are sure to stir a lot of curiosity. Let's take a look! 

1. Aztec inspired

The roof of this house is shaped like a quarter of a circle. On its side, we can see Aztec inspired artwork on the wall. Overall, the shape of the house looks like it was sliced in the middle. That is perhaps why the facade opens up like it's half of something.

2. Tropical bliss

Blending as if it's one with nature, this house looks like cacao beans in the middle of the tropics. They are also clustered together to form a shape of a flower. 

3. Nature's best

It's as if this house is a salamander that blends with the trees behind it. It bends and turns, going up until it finally climbs the highest tree.

4. Modern and minimalist

This modern house features minimalist designs with its shapes and colors. It's interesting how each level of the house takes a different shape and color, which will keep you guessing which part of the house it is. 

5. The daredevil

If you're the type who wants to live your life in the edge--literally, then this house is for you. This house looks like it is being raised by a crane with its shape and foundation.

6. Classic swirl

This house makes you feel like you live in an oasis. It's open shape makes you appreciate the natural resources that surrounds it. 

7. Nature as floor plan

As the ground beneath rises, so does the house. The shape and layout of the house is determined by the location where it sits. 

8. Roof shaped house

This house looks like a roof that turned into a house. The wide slope of the roof that extends to the porch is such a creative idea!

9. Spaceship house

The aliens have landed and their spaceship makes a pretty cool house! The shape of the windows take after the shape of the house, which makes it look like something earthlings would love. 

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