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4 home designs Filipinos will adore

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Describing our dream homes is one thing, but seeing that description clearly represented in an image is quite another. When you do work with professionals, it becomes easier to agree on specific details if you see it come almost to life in three-dimensional images. Take a look at these four houses which you just might want to show to your architect.

1. Elevated doll house

Spreading like wings on either side, this one-storey is ideal for those who love the simple charm of Scandinavian homes. It's elevated with an adorable corner staircase that leads to an open porch where the family can eat or lounge around. In general, the L-shape design of the house as well as the porch creates a brilliant space for recreational activities.

Here's an actual construction of the said doll house. The architects modified the porch staircase and positioned it on the edge of one side. The house also widened by not strictly following the L-design but allowing more space for rooms inside. On another note, they chose a creamy color palette that still captures the loveliness of the original model.

2. Modern and stylish

Situated in Argentina, this house combines different materials and results to a sleek and contemporary work. The concept is a skillion roof made of corrugated galvanized iron supported by black-coated steel frames that also hold together the glass doors and windows. The building is strengthened further by the brick blocks on each side which also serve as walls.

The architects also created an alternative model where the house stands beside the swimming pool. It seems logical because the clear walls of the house would appease parents who worry about their children in the swimming pool. They can choose to stay inside but still watch their children.

Right before the glass panels were installed, the structure already looked like a phenomenal shed. Its slanted design gives it the modern edge, only to be grounded by the dramatic and rustic effect of the brick walls. 

3. Second floor on the front

This is a unique two-storey design with the second floor indirectly attached to the main floor. Because of the projection of the upper floor, its bottom foundations serve as links to the house's gate. The rest of the house is of course extended behind the small garden or porch.

In the actual construction of the second level, bricks and plaster were used as evidenced by the facade here. The exterior, like the model, features a single window slot.

Although not yet finished with the painting, this becomes the real-life rendition of the design. It fashions a yellow and red combination with the gates coated in black. Notably, the bottom of the second floor serves as a garage.

4. Studio-type container house

If you've noticed the container house trend, you wouldn't be surprised to see another one of them making it in this list. In any case, this 62-square meter property includes four bedrooms in it and features an urbane feel to it.

This isn't just an ordinary construction with hammers and nails. In the creation process, four cargo containers were stacked and modified with precast flooring.

The result is no less than stunning. With wooden panels and reinforced concrete, the exterior walls were formed, a savvy staircase was added, and a sleek patio plus terrace were made.

Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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