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Wooden resthouse promises the perfect escape (plans included!)

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The term ''glamping'' is quite popular these days. It's a portmanteau of the words camping and glamour which developed from the activity of wealthy travelers who did not dispense with their luxurious lifestyles in African safaris. Camping purists do not consider it at all as camping, but somehow it still gained followers and hence the offshoot of fun to ultra-sophisticated glamping activities around the globe. 

This ideabook will take you to a glamping park called Cala Llevadó which was the brainchild of architectural firm DOS Arquitectes in Costa Brava, Spain. The images here were captured by homify-enlisted photographer Simon Garcia. Discover glamping by reading further!

Elegant wooden cabin

If you pictured camping to be where you pitch a tent or stay in some abandoned cottage then think again because this wooden cabin definitely belongs to five-star hotel classification with its remarkable wooden architecture and design. Built on a an elevated terrain, this structure looks like it knows just how good it looks and what its dwellers need to see. Other than its elegance, the cabin's construction didn't require deep excavations. waterproofing of the soil, and removal of land which aren't really sound ecological practices.

Cozy kitchen

Inside you will find a fully-furnished modern kitchen that complements the wooden elements. When it follows that scheme, it looks absolutely minimalist and comfortable inside. Surely, this environment already serves as an appetizer for the delicious meals to be prepared and eaten in the kitchen. The rest of the interior pretty much features the same modern, wooden, and minimalist combination.

Material composition

To achieve a classy wooden home, this cabin teaches us that wood and cork can be used as durable materials and aesthetically appealing elements to the house. Aside from which, these provide good conditions for thermal and sound insulation. For this particular project, the materials were readily available in the immediate environment so it all the more encouraged a sustainable approach to housing in the area.

View from inside

The tall glass doors and windows of the bungalows made it convenient to appreciate the lush pines and oaks surrounding the area even from the inside. While others opt to mount curtains and blinds, the expansive roof over the balcony already helps filter sunlight. Now when it comes to air conditioning, the bungalows were designed to have cross-ventilation which significantly lessens energy costs.


Imagine yourself in this balcony, breathing fresh air and being captivated by the quiet and organized neighborhood within a generous growth of lovely trees.

Here's another angle of the balcony where you will likewise find wicker light fixtures that are wonderfully representative of glamping.

Developed but not really

Other than the lights, the glamp site mimics a developed village with its own drainage system and organized zoning. The aisles or small roads however maintain their unpaved simplicity and so do the steps leading to the houses.

Here's another look at one of the roads. Doesn't it appear wonderfully provincial or rustic and classy at the same time with these well-made bungalows around?

Evening spectacle

At night, the warm lights hitting against the wooden interiors create a romantic and cozy atmosphere . The patio floors are also subtly emphasized by LED lights tucked on the side by the railing like the one shown above.

Some slopes even give way to casual benches like the one here where neighbors and dwellers can lounge about before night fall. Instead of tall lamp posts, the street lights here line the side walks which again evoke the glamping experience.

When the sun had set, the warm lights turn on and unlike the bustle of cities, this glamp site is a place to behold. You get cricket sounds instead of traffic noise and the clean night air instead of toxic smog.

Glamp bungalow plans

This is the layout of one bungalow which includes three bedrooms, a bathroom,  living and dining areas, and a kitchen. The 360 degree-view of the exterior is also shown.

Featured above are the different types of cabins called ECO bungalows which you can choose from in the glamp site. These can accommodate within the range of two to six persons depending on the design.

To give you a constructive overview of the place, here's the layout of the glamp site with its structured arrangement.

Other interesting designs of the bungalow exterior were also considered. Here are some of them.

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