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11 practical space-saving solutions for the modern home

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If you need practical and economical solutions to make your decoration more useful, be sure to take a look at the suggestions in this article. Even when you buy a simple puff, there is definitely a detail you need to keep in mind, and in this article we will present a few of these details in the context of stylish sample designs. You can easily apply your decorations to 11 beautiful storage solutions!

Under-Your-Bed Storage

Yes! It is possible to design the bed so that the space under the bed will be used as a drawer.  For such a design, you can get help from the furniture producers from the carpenters.


You can use your bathroom walls to store your dirty laundry by mounting small baskets like this. So stylish and practical! Simple hangers that you can find anywhere and even a few fabric or wicker baskets can be a wonderful storage solution in the kitchen or bathroom.


If you like to plant your plants in the pot, you may have various kinds of pots in different corners of your house. Thinking that you lack the floor area to grow plants? Do not fret! You can find these simple hangers easily and cheaply in the markets that sell home and renovation products. Great solution!

Don't know where to start? Consult an expert here!

Stairway storage solutions

You may have encountered this solution in many designs we offer here at Homify. Leaving the stairs underexposed and dysfunctional is a major decoration error. By negotiating with a master, you can easily turn the interior staircase into a convenient storage space. 

Hallway Hangers

 Hangers are cheap and effective as a storage solution. You can store many things and accessories in the closets and drawers, but they can only do so much. Your empty hallway? Make it your storage solution project! Use decorative images and put hangers (as shown in the picture) to hang your umbrellas or even keys. Perfect for those who always rush out to work in the morning!


If your kitchen has a large storage area, such as this one, and you do not have a partition, you might have a serious storage problem. These large closets and shelves can only house a few products if they do not have partitions. The best way to solve this is to divide these large shelves and cabinets into separate baskets.

Whoopsie! Want more inspiration for your home? Here!

Wall Shelves

shelfbar floating shelves - natural oak shelfbar HouseholdStorage

shelfbar floating shelves—natural oak


You probably have a lot of products in the kitchen or the bathroom, but let's face it, a table can only do so much. The best solution is to build shelves and make use of that empty wall! Practical? Yes. Stylish? Very much so.

Wall shelves

Just like shelves, wall boxes are an effective and practical solution. Instead of devoting space to a large, cumbersome library, you can have a  functional bookcase with simple wooden boxes that you can mount on the walls. 


This one's highly recommended for those who do not have enough space for a study room. In its closed state, the table covers only a few centimeters in the wall. 

Make pantry areas more efficient

We said that big cabinets without partitions would not work in the rooms where there are lots of small things to store. The solution is turning these large cabinets into storage areas like the one in the picture. Do this, and you'll never have to lose your precious time looking for that little jar of cumin ever again.

Puff it up

For people with little home space to work with, all pieces of furniture must optimize storage. For example, you can buy chairs that are also stealth storage baskets! Isn't that amazing? It's like buying two new pieces of furniture for the price of one!

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