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14 beautiful homes with photo-realistic designs you can copy

Dayan Buensuceso—homify Dayan Buensuceso—homify
Scandinavian style houses by ALEXANDER ZHIDKOV ARCHITECT Scandinavian
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To get a clearer idea of our dream homes, it's crucial to have a good visual representation of it in 3D and maybe even animation if architects can get creative. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.  We've scoured our site and scouted 14 beautiful homes in realistic representations that might help you get closer to actualizing that dream house.

1. Modern white house

Take the color white and gable roof design as inspiration by combining them with bricks, steel, and sliding glass doors like in this house. This one is an open ceiling gable where the the second floor takes the shape of the roof's slopes for its ceiling. To keep the interiors lighted, the architects also added skylights seen on the roof here.

2. Laid-back and open

Small and simple can be enhanced by adding modern touches like the semi-open porch here which doubles as a living and dining area. The area is so convenient for family gatherings and intimate parties. Using corrugated galvanized iron sheets for the roof and supporting those with steel frames, the porch and garage connect to the indoor section that blends wood, glass and concrete surfaces.

3. Spring awakening

A rich reddish brown tone lets this house pop against the sun. Other than its smooth and dewy surface, the elaborate wood work on the railings and the foundations add texture to the facade. Throw in tinted glass windows and the structure becomes a vision any time of the year. To give you an idea of its longevity, they used concrete as a base and it looks effortless against the wood. Notice also the symmetry in this architecture.

4. Boxy lake house

Who said that a lake house has to be just a simple bahay kubo? If you've got the material resources and expertise, that lakeside residence can be this ultra-modern boxy structure that has got an unassuming front entrance and a glassy back that overlooks the lake. The interior of this is even more breathtaking!

5. Playful country house

Light stained wood has its perks like how versatile it can be when paired with different colors. This house added yellow and white to the color palette that somehow reminds you of playhouses but still keeps it chic and savvy. The furnishings also don't disappoint because they coordinate with the color scheme. On another note, the porch here benefits from the high ceiling with the visible rafters and side wooden slats that complement the tall glass panels by the entrance.

6. Cosmopolitan residence

Front Elevation of Residential Project Modern home by Moon Arc Modern
Moon Arc

Front Elevation of Residential Project

Moon Arc

Here's a residential building that looks homey as it is stylish. Proportions and dimensions instantly amplify the sophistication of this house. And what better way to emphasize those than with the use of these warm lights? We're also gushing over the different yet composed surface textures in this exterior!

7. Tropical on a terrain

Take advantage of a good sloping terrain by elevating your house and using the bottom as a garage like this design. As another tip, this house tells us that tropical and Asian styles can be combined by having adequate balconies and roof designs that suit the tropical environment. The earthy colors on this one also pique our imagination about possibly having this as a beach or vacation home. Can you imagine sipping coconut juice whilst sitting underneath that umbrella?

8. Retro and modern

Ever felt like you were born between retro and modern times? Well, you might find home in a design that embraces those two concepts. This house has got a fine wooden texture all around it but is also smoothened by the glass railing. We like how one end, the balcony overlooking the vista seems futuristic too.

9. Sophisticated exposure

This structure is a precocious take on modern and expression as seen in the monochromatic or neutral color choices. On one hand, you will find that it doesn't shy away from embracing luxury by using white and light brown for this resort-like lanai. And look how well-trimmed and organized the plants are too!

10. Blissfully quirky

Taking inspiration from the grandiosity of bridges, this house might come across as eclectic because it actually is. In fact it looks like an unfinished bridge. In any case, our hearts have been held captive its exquisite geometry and color palette especially against the heavenly undergrowth. Think about how strong this architecture is but how the plants soften its look. In any case, we're quite confident that with its neutral color, it would look good in any environment.

11. Sunset boulevard

This one is warm and sweet to the senses because of its caramel color. Check out the skillion roofs on each side that touch the boxy center. They also used French windows but with brown wooden frames that still go nicely against the caramel center. What's even more interesting is how the stone base and neat pots around the home ties everything together.

12. Gray house

Gray as boring is a thing of the past. Modern architecture has made it possible for us to appreciate the different shades of gray as embodied in this sleek, minimalist house. Another quick fix to that is playing on texture like with the use of brick walls and standing seams for the roof. Nonetheless, it's pretty mischievous and mysterious altogether.

13. Romantic villa

Construct an encompassing pergola on your house's facade the way the architects did to this house. Grow cascading and flowering plants around it and you'll surely amaze your guests. This is also an open-plan design which means that it invites more movement and energy around, making it a perfect place to hold gatherings and perhaps even romantic events like weddings and marriage proposals. We're not kidding. It's just so breathtaking.

14. Vision in white

Here's another cool white house that's more futuristic and minimalist. It's actually the simplest yet most sophisticated if you think about it and compare it with the rest you've seen in this list. After all, you can never go wrong with white and modern furnishings that go with it.

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Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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