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Small and cheap home you can easily build anywhere

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Is living in a small but incredibly cozy home THE dream?  If you can’t do it on your own, why not consult experts? This home you’re going to see has a fully functional kitchen, large panoramic windows and ample living space. Come take a look at this mini home and be amazed!

Your Own Rustic Little Home

This is it! Natural wood color, rustic facade, window frames and roof colored in bright red. You can install your own r or solar panels to provide electricity. Imagine having one of these near a lake perfect for a weekend breather. This is also the kind of house you can build inside the lot of your own home, either as a sanctuary or an office.

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Bright Kitchen

The kitchen inside is the main selling point of this house. The cabinets have a lot of space to let you put all the equipment you need, and the large surface of the counter top is perfect for when you’re laying out all the ingredients  you’ll need for your food specialty. The large windows ensure that there is ample lighting, so you will not feel choked. Windows aside, there is sufficient storage space too!

Spacious Area

The kitchen occupies a significant space of this small shack. The area has dark wood floors.Bright lighting is very important for small spaces such as this house. PRO TIP: You can also install some shelves in the ladder below the idle space, or use the staircase to hang your stuff. Isn't this amazing?

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Attic Bedroom

Go up the stairs and a beautiful bedroom welcomes you for a nice night cap. Here is a secret of this bedroom: cabinets and shelves can be used as a wardrobe and a divider to isolate you from the outside of the bedroom when you want a place to rest. The stairs look a little dangerous, so do not forget to install the handle! 

Second Floor

On the other side of the cabin is the bathroom. The space above it can be used as a work area, reading area or just a place to see the view of the place. We are very fond of this house due to all the wood work; it creates a  natural atmosphere that looks really comfortable!

Big Window

This large panoramic window is definitely the key to let the small house seem bigger than it is. It can be completely open to the outside if the weather is good enough to enjoy the breeze. During the cold or rainy months, this house with 20 cm thick wood board insulation is perfect to achieve warmth for the entire cabin.

SURPRISE! It's mobile!

This house can be transported to anywhere! Most of this mini-house can be attached behind the tow truck, so if you want to move to another city, you can move together with your home!

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