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15 awesome inspirations for your dream home

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Have you ever day dreamed of having your own stylish house? Scratch that. How often do you day dream about your dream home? A dream house is something that embodies all our hopes and desires. It's a reflection of our personal style, quirk, and passion. Today, we are showing you 15 houses with hope that one of them can inspire you to pursue your dream home.

1. A chalet

Who wants to go to early retirement and live in this home? The location is amazing! Every where you look, you are surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

2. Wooden home

Nothing says classic and cozy than a wooden home. We like how the facade gives a rustic feel to it, making it perfect for the countryside.

3. Modular home

Timber Clad Exterior Facit Homes Wooden houses
Facit Homes

Timber Clad Exterior

Facit Homes

What's nice about this home is that it easy to complete. It's chic and stylish, you wouldn't even think it's a modular home. This is for when you want to fast track your dream home.

4. Stylish home

There's something stylish and mysterious with black. It has a simple and understated elegance that no other color has.

5. Chic and fabulous

Two Bedroom Bespoke Wee House The Wee House Company Country style house
The Wee House Company

Two Bedroom Bespoke Wee House

The Wee House Company

White roof and navy blue walls! How unexpected! If you're a city dweller and you decided to move in the countryside, this is how your house would look like.

6. Functional framework

New Build Part Earth Sheltered Split Level House in Truro Cornwall Arco2 Architecture Ltd Modern home
Arco2 Architecture Ltd

New Build Part Earth Sheltered Split Level House in Truro Cornwall

Arco2 Architecture Ltd

This house is a prime example of how to build your home following the landscape of the property. There's a lot of environment friendly things happening here, especially with the solar panels that we see on the roof.

7. American dream

This is your typical American house facade--the bricks, the layout, the patio. It certainly is perfect for the suburbs.

8. Industrial style

If you're the rebel type who would go for something with industrial design and layout, this one's for you. Metal, concrete, and glass were all combined together to makes this the home of your dreams. 

9. Modern home

Anyone who sees this house would be in awe. The modern facade, combined with stylish lines and colors, looks stunning!

10. Scandinavian inspired

Who can resist a front porch with such adorable garden? The structure and layout of the house exudes chic and cozy Scandinavian design. 

11. Magnificent structure

The facade of this house looks more impressive because we get a glimpse of how the interior looks. Space and structure highlight this property. 

12. Spacious home

We love how the large window is the focal point of this house. The minimalist look is perfect with nature as your backdrop. 

13. A large family home

Filipinos are known for embracing their extended family. If you have a large bunch, this home is perfect! The family can enjoy the spacious backyard and stylish porch. 

14. Vacation home

Enjoy more vacation time with this large pool. The house looks like a resort villa with its modern and rustic design.

15. Two storey home

This is the perfect size for most Filipinos homes. It's large enough for the whole family. But it's not too big for expensive maintenance.

If you haven't found your dream house just yet, perhaps you'll get inspired by these 11 creative home ideas you can try in the Philippines.

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