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6 things we love about living in the Philippines

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Philippines is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And, we are not just saying this because we are bias. There is more to the Philippine than just its stunning, white sand beaches, colorful fiestas, and delicious dried mangoes . Here, we list down some of the reasons what we love about living in the Philippines and why investing in a property in the country is definitely a good idea!

1. Rent and property is cheap

Since the Philippines is still considered as a developing nation, properties in the country are among the most affordable in Asia. Sure, buying a home in the Philippines as a foreigner has its complication, but we'd have to say that rent is definitely cheap. At the moment, you can find good apartments in Metro Manila for as low as ₱10,000.

2. Despite the yearly typhoons, the country still enjoys more sunny days

 The country enjoys two seasons, the wet and dry. Its climate is tropical and maritime, which means that it is a place that has high temperature, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. This makes it possible for anyone to conduct any kind of outdoor activities and enjoy the view of the alluring works of nature.

3. Goods and services are cheap

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Being a tropical country, various types of produce and animal products are bought with a decent price. A mixture of the world's different cuisine is made possible through time and history. Nowadays, it is enriched by new technologies, communication, and accessibility. Growing and nurturing products in its own land and honing people for service, who are natives, make most items and services inexpensive.

4. Nature is everywhere

People, as they come in different packages, have different preferences. But whatever that is, Philippines offers more than two choices to live a life of content. One can enjoy a view from atop. Or a serene place within a simple and ordinary terrain.

A place of abode in a tranquil place with a water source can also be a great idea!

5. Economy is going strong

Last November, Bloomberg reported that Philippines has been one of (if not the) fastest growing economy in Asia. 

6. The people

The hospitality and the warm welcomes that never abuse, the presence of the strong family ties that gives one a sense of security, generosity without being extravagant, hard work that is incomparable and probably the persevering faith that things will always come out well are the ones that encompass all other reasons to love to be in the Philippines.

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