5 stunning two-storey homes in neutral colors

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A two-storey house could be the perfect home for you. It's a great answer to spaces that haven't exactly been developed horizontally. The extra level can also have a balcony which you can consider as your little sanctuary. If not, you can have your own office on top, a media room, another kitchen maybe, or even more bedrooms! The possibilities are simply endless. Check out these five two-storey houses we've collected which might help you go vertical!

1. Traditional meets modern

Built by architects from Brazil-based architectural firm Habitat Arquitetura, this two-storey was conceptualized with practicality and less rigidity in mind. It's creamy tones give off a romantic vibe on top of the lush greens decorating the exterior and the alluring wooden door. This design in particular has a sense of consciousness that wants to combine the old and new as seen in the shed or slanted roof on one side and the flat roof on the other. There are lesser windows here but they're tall enough to be functional and stylish.

2. Proportional presentation

Unique and bold, this building knows exactly its strengths  but chooses to casually showcase them by downplaying elements that would otherwise allow it to become too flamboyant.. For one, there are obviously sharp edges in this facade but the neutral earthy colors soften them. Another is the sloping terrain of the property but the architects obviously worked it to their advantage by creating balance and proportion like how the projecting sides converge at the tucked in entrance. Other than that, the entrance also seamlessly leads to the side walk.

3. A versatile space

In the city of Saipo in Mexico, a structured home stands ready for residential use in spite of its futuristic and slightly commercial building appeal. Don't be fooled though , those lines you see by the main entrance aren't metal shutters. They're wide glass windows with blinds inside. Those pretty much give you an idea of how much natural light can come in to brighten up the interiors. Although we can't deny how reminiscent of a commercial building's windows those on the second floor are. Nonetheless, this is your ticket to avant-garde living.

4. Yin and yang

Other than the boxy details of this house, the black and white colors give it that extra edge to standout without being too lavish. There's just so much to love here in spite of the monochrome color scheme. The windows are nicely positioned and they centralize on the vertical wooden door which likewise contrasts beautifully with  the rest of the surfaces. So here you have another inspiration for working on seemingly challenging terrains.

5. Wine-inspired

La Rioja, this house's name, came from the famous wine-producing province of La Rioja in northern Spain. Its plum and neutral tones simply exude that earthy or sweet and scented characteristics of wine. Other than getting the benefit of teasing throats and taste buds, this building also visually mesmerizes with its dimensional design, leafy ornaments, and more than enough glassy surfaces. We can't think of a more visually-stimulating and thirst-quenching two-storey home than this.

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