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6 spectacular waterfront homes to inspire you

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The Pole House Mediterranean style house by F2 Architecture Mediterranean
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Feng Shui suggests that when flowing water is situated in front of the house, positive chi is attracted inside. Inspired with this piece of wisdom, we've taken the liberty of collecting stunning waterfront houses that might tickle your fancy. Keep in mind that the Philippines has over 7,000 islands, which means that there's no shortage of decent waterfront spots to build your home in!

1. The tower by the sea

The Pole House in Australia, conceptualized by F2 Architecture stands on a sturdy concrete tower and enjoys a breathtaking view of the coastline. It's outlined by glass panels for its railings which are definitely not for the acrophobic. The interiors are well-lit by natural light because of the wide glass windows so if you're not feeling the salty air by the balcony, you can still marvel at it from inside. The furnishings are also fabulously sophisticated. Think of it as a refreshing getaway.

2. A resort-style haven

Original Vision from Hong Kong came up with a rectangular white house that nestles along a verdant mountainside overlooking the sea. Its interiors are made up of nothing less than impeccable contemporary furnishings and design that can match any cliff-built resort. You can sunbathe by the sleek terraces or swim on its 15-meter swimming pool too! The clear blue of the sea is also wonderfully contrasted by the surroundings green landscape.

3. The pure and minimalist home

Over to the Mediterranean, French architects from AABE worked on something more minimalist and sharp. Polished in a clean white to black palette, the house on a cliff stands as proof that you don't need fancy elements embellished on your house to appreciate nature and life. Instead, you simply have to let nature to manifest its beauty. The dwellers here surely took that to heart and even wanted to swim closer to the deep blue by having this seamless infinity pool.  And we shall not forget to mention that the inside also looks impeccably minimalist and chic.

4. The fort

No, we're not referring to a famous party club. But if it's a party, you can definitely throw one in this enchanting stone and white-coated concrete castle that's also blessed with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the warm yellow seaside town lights at night. As an addition, this house is also equipped with an infinity pool. Are you drooling yet? Wipe it off because the inside is as pristine as the sea. It's no wonder that it's called La Perla del Mediterráneo.

5. A futuristic cabin

Vipp Shelter by Vipp Industrial

Vipp Shelter


Located by the lakeside, the Vipp Shelter is like a super hero's lair in the forest. Clad in steel and enhanced by glass panels, this might as well be considered a metallurgical wonder. It may remind you if a telescope and night-vision goggles or even an army tank, but it sure does look and feel like any other cozy home inside.

Vipp Shelter by Vipp Industrial

Vipp Shelter


Here's a closer look at what's inside. See anything extraordinary? 

6. Dark and bright wooden house

Called the Haus am Thurnberger Stausee or House on Lake Thurnberger, this wooden lakeside house in black is probably  the most understated one we've listed here. The charcoal black color doesn't seem inviting at all but you're in for a surprise when you discover its light and Scandinavian interior. And if you don't know what we mean by that, just think polished light wood with cool neutral complementing colors or you can simply click on the image to view its thumbnail. In any case, we assure you that you can definitely have peace of mind in this place.

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Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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