This wooden home in Japan is your modern 'bahay kubo'

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A 'bahay kubo,' more commonly known as the nipa hut, is a traditional Filipino house that represents the rural culture in the Philippines. 'Bahay kubo' makes us imagine a quiet home in the province. It's something cozy where the family enjoy a meal together or just spend some time together. Today, we are going to show you a house that embodies the traditional concept of the 'bahay kubo' but includes modern characteristics. Let's have a look.

Textures and colors

The facade has modern design aesthetics as seen with the different textures and shades of colors. From here, we can already infer how light plays a major part in the interior design of the house given the wide windows surrounding the property. Much like how a traditional 'bahay kubo' is. 

A closer look

Now let's examine how the walls were made. Wood panels were lined up horizontally next to each other. This makes the wall appear wider, thereby the house looking bigger. Notice the open ceiling by the roof. It also gives the traditional characteristic of the house. 

Layering of roofs

What's nice about this house is that you feel like you have several houses grouped together. Just look at how these roofs are made! 

Light in the hallway

In between those houses that we mentioned earlier is this hallway that ushers light in. Now, that's a touch of Japanese design in your modern 'bahay kubo.'

Play of shadows

Here we see how light forms parallel lines from the partially covered wall. This feels dramatic and it contributes for excellent cinematography. Check out how light floods the interior with the photos below. 

Minimalist interior

We see an open space concept design in the interior of the house. Every thing is connected, from the light outside to the uninterrupted flow of rooms inside. Imagine the living room, dining room, and kitchen just being connected to one another. 

The terrace

On to the next floor, the terrace also showcases an interesting play of lights and shadows with its modern architecture. You can go around and see how it looks from every angle with the images below.

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