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6 top tips for buying seaside properties in the Philippines

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Seaside properties come with more challenges compared to your usual land properties. And it can get confusing, overwhelming, and exciting when you see the stunning view and the beautiful houses. Before you get all excited, here are some reality checks and tips for buying seaside properties.

1. Assess the property carefully

It's easy to fall in love with a gorgeous architecture of a beach house. But before falling head over heels and have your heart broken, make sure that the property is exactly what you want: the view, the privacy, the water. You can always change the house but not the property where it stands.

2. Surrounding infrastructure

If it's not a secluded beach house, consider the social infrastructure in the area. Is there nearby commercial center? Is there a plan for development of schools or hospitals? These things are important to know especially if you plan to live in the house.

3. Weather conditions

With the weather challenges in a coastal area, it is important that the structure can withstand strong conditions. Make sure that the roof and windows are sturdy and reliable. 

4. Financial requirements

Seaside properties are costly, both the purchase and the maintenance. The salty air is corrosive, which will require the roof to be changed every 15 years instead of the usual 20 years. 

5. Growth value

modern Houses by Laurence Associates
Laurence Associates

The Beach House, Carbis Bay

Laurence Associates

You may not be planning to sell something you just bought, but you may want to do so in the future. The distance of the property from the beach is a key factor and an excellent selling point if you plan to sell the property. 

6. Life and lifestyle

The property you choose should ultimately fit your lifestyle. If you like to go surfing, the beach location should have excellent waves. If you like somewhere quiet, choose an underdeveloped property.

If you think you are ready to buy a house, read the 6 things to know before buying a house in the Philippines.

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