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A small traditional home makes a stylish statement inside

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AGRAFFE design Living room
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Some women have been dreaming of living in a castle to fulfill their royal destinies. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with an expansive land and truckloads of readily available fine stones to literally make up a castle. This cannot stop one, however, from realizing that royal dream. Instead of pondering on the impossible, we'll be taking a look at what's more feasible and practical without sacrificing the finer details and opulent interior design. Turn fantasies into realities by noting down this enchanting house designed and built by interior architects from AGRAFFE Design in Russia.

Decorated entrance

The exterior features a neutral palette of browns, beige, and white with the natural accent of plants and their flowers. Patterned clay as flooring for the parking lot and the rest of this area provide a ceremonious greeting to your courtiers and guests. And true to making a royal entrance, the main door is approached by a rustic chic flight of stairs adorned by curlicued railings.

Refined breakfast and kitchen area

Being in a tropical country, one would not be fussing over an elegant fireplace such as this so it can be replaced by a baroque furniture as an interesting conversation piece to offset the white furnishings surrounding this kitchen and breakfast nook. We especially love how the clean wood and white elements here complement the antique feel of the chandeliers, the patterned ceiling, and the stone wall. In truth, it's all finely put-together just to relieve you from feeling too enslaved by household duties.

Classic and grand

Collect and entertain your guests in this grand living room where the chandelier is just as interesting as every piece of furnishing. To capture that period ambiance, stick to a color scheme that's both fancy and modern like the gentle lavender and gray here which are wonderfully complemented by the wooden floor and the white details. Add classical elements like white columns to divide the living area from the dining area or fancy sconces to light and decorate your walls.

Princess chamber

For the daughter who cherishes the same royal dreams, it's always ideal to choose soft fabrics to drape over your windows and even serve as canopy to your bed or sofa. More often than not, the pink and white combo also would suit her personality. Hence, the walls here are in pink with a gentle patterned wallpaper accentuating the surface. The furnishings are in a mix of pink, white, and silver to remain as neat as possible. Finally, notice how the wooden floor here nonetheless looks as sophisticated as the rest of the elements.

Modern twist

Refresh your bathroom by combining the classics with contemporary design. The antique elements here have particularly taken a more modern look with their black and white color. It can border on being Gothic but with the greens adorning some areas, the appearance is pulled back to a modern style. We also cannot miss recognizing the cool compass floor detail and its textured surrounding black tiles.

A pleasant backyard

The backyard is a perfect spot for family gatherings, barbecues, tea parties, and anything literally under the sun. You might even attract birds to sing with you as you take center stage on that dainty balcony. Again, its raised design as well as the steps leading to this backyard give off a momentous descent that's apt for royalty.

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