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15 entrance doors that will make your home look great

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The facade of a house is not complete until you define the entrance door. While it is important to be safe, it is also important that it is built with quality materials and is related to the style chosen for the house. There are more traditional ones than others, but it cannot be denied that it is one of the crucial elements to decorate. 

In this book of ideas we will show you a great variety of doors that will surprise you with its design and originality.

1. Wood and glass

A large wooden door can be too visual heavy for your home, so complementing it with small windows on either side may be a good idea. Glass and wood work very well together and they combine perfectly. It looks very modern and sophisticated, which looks good in any type of style.

2. With details

To avoid boredom, there's nothing better than having a door that combines quality and novelty materials in addition to nice designs. These types of formulas work very well for any type of house, because they are very decorative, as well as functional. If you want passers-by to take a look, choose this type of door.

3. For the garage

There is nothing better than innovating the door of your garage because you will be giving a decorative touch to your facade. Not many people dare to give another look to these places. In this case, a door was chosen that allowed the entrance of light to the garage.

4. Complementing materials

What is better than looking for a material that matches the façade? You will see alignment but there is also creativity. Another good idea is to complement another material, such as metal or stone. Remember that these elements have many variations such as colors, so it is easy to stylishly decorate your home.

5. With roof

The entrance are not always as cozy as they should be, but after this idea you will think twice, right? While a dark-toned door was installed here, following this style in black and white decoration, a small wooden ceiling was also added, which looks very good. It is decorative and very cute.

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6. Wood masisa

An entrance door that combines with the rest of the walls can be an elegant alternative. By coating the walls adjoining the door of the same type of wood, you can achieve a very attractive appearance. It looks as if the door was bigger. 

The wood being very versatile, it can have different finishes and you can have your choice of wood color. The complement with the stone is equally recommendable. This material is very useful, safe, insulating, and elegant.

7. Unique Style

This material can be quite versatile, so you can change the finishing. In this case, a lighter color was chosen so that it combines perfectly with the style of the house. Looks great, doesn't it? Best of all, it's a great way to have a unique style.

8. Glass

To innovate, a glass door may be the best idea. It looks modern and elegant, in addition to breaking with the more classic alternatives. In this case, the glass was combined with a stone coating, which looks even better. Even if you think otherwise, the glass can be very safe.

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9. With metal

Usually used in buildings and businesses, this type of doors is being increasingly used in residential homes. They provide security, but they can also be very decorative. The best thing is that you can choose from different types and colors, depending on the style of the house.

10. Giant door

A larger than normal door can be great for your home. It's just a matter of seeing the dimensions of your home and evaluating. Many properties gain style with this type of doors, because of their materials and details. You can make a sensational change in a house just by paying attention to this.

11. Mixture of woods

The doors can gain a lot when in their design, they combine several materials. Mixing the same material but with different finish and color can make the difference. In this case, a door was chosen that combined a neutral tone with another earthy color. And it works well with the red walls.

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12. With window

We have said that the combination with other elements is a great idea, and when the door is accompanied with windows next to it, it is a great style. The facade of a house can change completely when the glass or metal is introduced, because they achieve a very striking modern style.

13. Dark tone

A door with dark tones can look great in a modern home with sophisticated details. The idea is always to know the style of the house completely before you choose the material and design of the door. While it is not a very traditional color, it can look great.

14. Very decorative

To give life to a classic facade, there is nothing better than resorting to a wooden door with metal. It looks great and it is also very safe and decorative. It should not be forgotten that while it is necessary that the entrance doors are safe, it is also important that they contribute to the design.

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15. Hidden

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The doors usually have a lot of protagonism. It's almost always the main thing in the facade next to the windows. In this case, the garage takes up most of the space, leaving the door in a corner. Although it goes unnoticed, its design allows it to have notoriety and to contribute to the design.

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