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The 20 things at home you need to throw away!

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There are some of those things that are not really an addition to the stylish look of your house. Sometimes, you unconsciously accumulate them because this stuff already exist since your college days or you have acquired from your parents' house. 

Oftentimes, you are not even aware of them.Therefore, we decided to make a list of things you can remove from your peaceful home in the year 2017. At the end you can tell whether you agree with it or not. Ready? Let's start!

Diplomas and honors--even if they are properly framed. These can be removed quietly.

Does that sound strange? Well, there are people who hang these things prominently, even forty years later. Store them in a rather sturdy folder stored in a drawer.

Plastic chairs on the terrace or in the garden

They are certainly very practical, but cheaper brands does not give your garden that wow factor. Instead, place wood or rattan furniture. Even though these requires a little more maintenance, it makes the look of your garden better.

A crowded kitchen

The kitchen must always be clean and ready for the preparation of food. The kitchen is a place of fun. And good food is one of those pleasures that is priceless.

A bare old leather couch in a dorm

Bring your preferred personality to your home through color, lighting, and comfortable furniture.

Missing or mismatchend crockery and glasses. It is important to have a set, for each type of beverage and crockery dish, and, in particular, glass.

Don't sleep on a mattress. You're no longer a student.

Rather buy a slatted bed. Your back will thank you!

A bed without blankets and bedspreads

Try to create a cozy bed with quilt, pillows, and all the trimmings.

Opt for a modern entrance enlivened with beautiful green plants

A hot tub just to impress your friends without having to use it

When you're over thirty, impressing friends is not so important. Your friends will accept you as you are, with or without Jacuzzi.

Dirty and untreated walls

Leftover items that you do not use

Give them away, sell them, or place them in the right place.

Furniture with sharp corners and lots of glass, especially when you have children

Better choose furniture that have a smooth or rounded finish.

An interior with a remarkable number of loose items

The sum of all the little things has a lot of effect on the overall appearance of a room!

Loose Cables

Conceale cables in the wall or behind the skirting.

An air conditioner with an ugly appearance and loose wiring

Wilted and arid plants

Remove the dry leaves and throw 'deceased' plants in time.

Furniture that cannot be repaired.

A dark, disorganized study and cheap or outdated furniture

To improve you do not need much: just some color and natural light.

Decoration for teenagers… There comes a time when you're too old for that.

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