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This small two-storey home highlights creativity

Dayan Buensuceso—homify Dayan Buensuceso—homify
Modern style bedroom by homify Modern
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Aiming for a youthful and simple space where you can freely express yourself without making it all appear so chaotic? It takes more than randomly putting things together to pull off a harmonious and comfortable home in spite of its simplicity. Inspiration and a good intervention from interior designers are key ingredients . For now, find inspiration with this Project T2 Tourist Apartment in Lisbon, Portugal.

Lovely reception

Not many apartments include a terracotta roofed porch like this one. It's dainty style makes it a suitable spot for eating or having a hot cup of coffee. You can even receive guests here. Other than that, it perfectly stands out from the paper white backdrop.

Juxtaposing colored and bare

Sometimes, in order to express yourself, you need a bare area to offset a made up one. It's like how this living area splashed with colors contrasts with its bare adjacent dining area. Besides, this all the more compels the household to prepare and highlight scrumptious meals and likewise add life to the apparent emptiness.

Chalk marks and monotones

Black and white colors for a kitchen never go out of style. They become more modish when they're paired with something unusual or more colorful like chalk traces against a black wall! And when they say that black can darken the vibe, counteract by adding glass windows like these to help you see during cooking and to save up on energy. Lastly, forget traditional rules about not vandalizing your house's walls. When it helps your kitchen look good and you feel good, take that risk.

Dreamy girl's bedroom

Pink best expresses a feminine character. This bedroom delights us with its watermelon-like color and charms as even more with its vibrant wall art. Before actually painting your walls with writings, it's always best to determine which colors complement your wall's color or which words and type of stroke captures your sentiments.

Playful details

Express your imagination, experience, emotion, or whims by taking cue from this basic garden scene. Notice how even the seemingly childish art work looks endearing against your wall. If you're taking the extra mile, check out these 6 beautiful wall paint styles to try for your home.

White as usual

If you can't seem to decide on a color or if adding a flashy color just isn't your thing, then white i always an option. Add depth to this all-white interior by  having stencil writings placed on your wall like these words on top of a bed.

Quirky and coordinated

This unusual mix of elements does well in featuring a quirky personality. The trick for it to look effortlessly put together is coordinating colors. The yellow light here warms up the caramel colors around it. Isn't that sweet?

Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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