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In any residential space, we have to pay attention to and we need to have focus on every square meter.  The house itself and the surrounding area should be carefully designed and beautifully decorated. This will affect the outcome and overall orientation of the house.

There are construction and decoration materials to choose from in preparing to build a home, as well as ideas and techniques that designers can suggest. The layout of the home does not have any limitation. You can include walkways, front porch, outdoor living area, and garden or green spaces. 

Today at Homify, we bring you ways to find the right techniques to decorate your house in style. 

1. Wood flooring

The front area of this two-story residence opens to a wooden floor that creates a pathway leading inside the house. The corner terrace creatively makes the outdoor come alive. There's a nostalgic tone that envelops the property. The elevation gives the property a world-class appeal.

2. A relaxing feel

The front of the house exudes modern design. Organized in an orderly manner, the pathway is paved with gravel and cement, while the garden is decorated with modest green plants. The interior is fully equipped with tables, chairs, and brick oven. Family gatherings will be enjoyed comfortably in the dining room. These are all key ingredients to a beautiful and relaxing home.

3. Simplicity

This 153 square meter house focuses on simplicity. It brings sheet rock, concrete, asphalt, and natural shapes together, decorating the space harmoniously. The mood and feeling of the house is close to nature as seen on the  green space created by plants such as shrubs. The area in front of the house has a spacious living area where leisure or recreational activities can be enjoyed.

4. The outdoor

This 172 square meter home features an open plan. Outside, there are reclining chairs and a dining table that seats 2-3 people where they can relax outdoors and enjoy the sun while watching the natural surroundings. The advantage of this type of design with expansive vision is exposure to wind and natural environment. 

5. Utmost comfort

Fully equipped with modern amenities, this 200 square meter house features simple design and a modest garden. Tables and reclining chairs are available outside where residents can rest, enjoy the swimming pool, and soak up the atmosphere of natural surroundings.

6. Trendy home

Compact at 120 square meter, this home is designed in a wide area, which conforms to a rectangle shape. The area in front is creatively decorated with the introduction of flooring materials like glass. Definitely a new dimension and a modern perspective! Not only that, there are reclining chairs garden where the residents can enjoy their day.

7. Green space

This 100 square meter house opted for a modern design as evident on its geometric facade of triangles and squares. It is decorated with glass doors and windows which can be opened up to the wind and can provide natural comfort. Green grass decorates the front for the all natural, refreshing, and vibrant feel. Such tone also adds color to the home. 

8. Hip and trendy

The facade of this two-story residential home is designed and built with modern arrangements. The balcony and the outdoor living area complement each other. The materials used are mainly concrete creating a modern mood and feel. While the materials depict strength, the residents want to reduce the hardness by bringing green space around the area. Now, that's definitely strong and stylish.

9. Spacious and liveable

The area of this house takes a rectangular shape. The design focuses on simplicity. Starting by covering the area with modern rock, gravel, and concrete slabs, the abode creates an interesting display of geometric shapes. Next, wood was used to decorate the space, making it stylish and enhancing the safety of residents. In addition, different species of mangroves were added to create a balanced and relaxing atmosphere.

Which one is your favorite? We'd love to hear from you below!

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