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A simple home for the Filipino family

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When we think of a home for a Filipino family, what usually comes to mind? It has to have areas to gather aside from the living room and dining room. It has be simple yet it feels cozy and homey. It has to have Filipino design elements like wooden wall and huge windows. Well then, we think that we found the house you are looking for.

Dream house

Do you remember how you used to draw houses when you were a kid? Did it have that half triangle top and half square bottom? This is the grownup version of that! And we've got some upgrades like a garage where you can safe keep your car and a nice lawn to prettify your surroundings. Are you ready to see the rest of the house? 

Perfect setup

The traditional gable roof with grey tiles works well with the white walls, making this house classic yet contemporary. With the wood and stone cladding, there is a rustic touch to this modern structure. The stone path leading to the front door builds up to a delightful welcome, while the garden creates a beautiful facade. We see the connection between the exterior and the interior spaces with the ground floor opening to a terrace, while the one above opens up to a balcony. Now that's two more areas to gather around with family and friends!

Thoughtful entrance

Elegant and sophisticated, the entrance to this house features grey floor, white walls, and wooden accents. It also includes a quaint closet space for coats and bags. This creates a sense of neatness and organization.

Contemporary staircase

Also greeting you by the entrance is the railless staircase. Adding to safety is the transparent glass on the side that sits vertically. Still with a modern feel, it features white and dark wood all throughout.

The living room

Covered in different timber and natural stone, the living room catches the eye with an array of contrast. The clean lines of the furniture likewise added to the contemporary feel of the space. We love how the fireplace serves as the centerpiece of the room with a collection of wooden logs to add to the mix.

Open space

As with most Filipino homes, an open space and continuous flow among the different parts of the house is a must. This house certainly complies to that as you can easily go from the living room to the dining room or the kitchen in just a few steps.

Dining area

The dining area looks stunning next to the large windows with the view of the garden. We love the simplicity of the dining set that is a good contrast to the interesting dining lamp above it. A smart partition between the dining area and the kitchen was also created to keep the space consistent.


The kitchen likewise opens to the view of the garden. Vertical lamps were added to give it a modern look. Yet despite that effort, it still looks cozy and homey.


This bathroom is an illusion of space. It may look big to us but it is smaller in reality. How did this happen? This is because of a number of factors like the transparent glass barrier of the shower and the big mirror above the basin.

Kid's room

If there's one area in the house we could get a little creative, it's the kid's room. The interior designer did just that with the pastel colors of the book shelf and the wall that doubles as a black board.

Master bedroom

Here are some tips in making your bedroom cozy. Get the mood setting right with candles and lamps. Feel relaxed and invigorated with plants. Keep the colors neutral to calm your mind. 

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What is your favorite part of the house? We'd love to hear from you below!
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