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A cute and cheap home you can build in the backyard!

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Don't be fooled by the smallness and cuteness of this wooden house. It's packed with style and function in every corner. It's a perfect addition to your garden if you want to have a guest house for when family and friends come to visit. Or perhaps you want peace and quiet from a busy household to get some work done? Then this cozy cottage is just what you need. If you're still doing the plan for your landscape architecture, make sure to dedicate a space for something like this.

Backyard gem

If you have the luxury of space in your backyard, what better way to fill that than with a wooden house? And while you're at it, make it chic like this one. Its striking L-shape and black gutters next to the wood panelling gives it a modern appeal while keeping that homey and cozy atmosphere. 

A closer look

This house just gets more impressive as we step closer. The modern vertical mounting style gives the house an elegant definition while the different shades of the wood sends a warm tone and an allude to nature. Allowing as much light inside the house is a set of sliding doors that also makes the room feel bigger than it is.  

Getting inside

As the sliding door opens, it's noticeable how wood also dominates the interior, from the floor to the wall to the furniture. The setting can make you forget that the house is in a backyard and you can imagine being in the middle of the forest!

Maximizing the space

The secret to maximizing a small space is balance and proportion. The bed takes up a comfortable space without cramping up the space. The bright colored chair and footstool serves as a distraction from a rather small space. Adding a dash of style is the wooden ladder that leads to a mezzanine that serves as storage. For more frequently used items, there's ample space available in the wooden closet.

Dual purpose

Where did the bed go? The comfy bed turns to cozy sofa with the blink of an eye! By using furniture with dual function, you save space and you keep the house clutter-free. We're also loving the two windows above the sofa that adds character to the room. And props to color coordinating the curtain and pillows with the sofa and chair!

Daily essentials

Having a bathroom and a kitchen makes this house totally liveable. The minimalist design kitchen looks stunning with the wooden shelves and white backsplash. Plywood was used to create a distinction on space. It's economical but it certainly doesn't look cheap! 

Personal space

Who would have thought that a small home like this can accommodate a study nook or a working space? We love the touch of white on the table and chair that gives it a Scandinavian feel! If you think you can create something like this, check out the 15 furniture you can easily make at home.

What is your favorite part of the house? We'd love to hear from you below!
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