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10 best wooden houses for nature-loving dwellers

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The Philippines is blessed with nature's finest gifts. From pristine beaches to gorgeous mountains, our country will never runout of the most beautiful scenery you can ever think of. Now, who wouldn't want that to be part of his abode? If you see yourself as someone who finds refuge in nature, we have the best wooden houses that nature-loving dwellers like you will absolutely go head over heels for. Think of it as upgraded bahay-kubo. Let's take a look.

Embrace eccentricity

It's not weird, it's eclectic. And it's that narrow line that separates the two, which makes this house every bit of interesting. Is it a house or a sauna? It doesn't matter. It's typical Japanese design and it's supposed to be confusing. 

One with nature

Pit house UID Modern home

Pit house


If there's one feature of this house that stands out, it's the way it has adapted with the condition of the site. The minimalist design worked well with the idea of blending with nature. As if the site’s natural environment and architecture coexist at the same time, the whole landscape features undivided attention to its surroundings.

Geometry in nature

Timber Clad Exterior Facit Homes Wooden houses
Facit Homes

Timber Clad Exterior

Facit Homes

To play with contrast, fine lines and distinct shapes of this wooden house stand out with the lush green and tall tress. The facade provides an interesting focal point with the asymmetrical roof and house shaped glass door. 

Simple lines

There is something understated about this house with the narrow wood that forms a commanding stance among the trees. Notice the wooden roof that gives it a monochromatic look. 

Cabin in the woods

This is one cabin in the woods that you would like to spend your weekends. The rustic design of this abode is an invitation to trip on the wilderness and a crazy bonfire party at the backyard. Who's in?

Zen and nature

You cannot go wrong with this typical Japanese design if you are looking for a wooden house. It's sleek, simple, and stylish. The lines and colors are absolutely stunning.

Luxury in nature

If you want something that resembles a luxury spa resort, then this design is for you. We love how the house just opens up to nature. And that lounge pool doesn't hurt either.

Something modern

Even with its modern design, this house still embraces the natural elements of nature. The wood that envelopes its entirety is a breath of fresh air among the surrounding houses in the neighborhood.

As natural as it gets

Don't you just hear the chirping of the birds or the howling of the wind in this gorgeous bungalow? The veranda is the perfect location to watch nature and just let the day slowly go by. 

Add fun to nature

Doesn't this charming wooden house reminds you of a fairytale? Its charming and eclectic design gives color and character to an all green backdrop in nature.

Which one is your favorite? We'd love to hear from you below!
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