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Channel your inner masterchef with these exceptional kitchens

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Sometimes, you feel that you cook better when you have a sensational kitchen. We can't blame you. That chocolate cake gets the perfect moist with a state-of-the-art oven or the smell of the classic adobo can be more enjoyable in a fancy stove. If you've always dreamed of being a masterchef and having your own cooking show, we've found the perfect kitchen that will prepare you for stardom. We've associated each kitchen design to world famous chefs to inspire you to find your inner masterchef. Who knows, perhaps you can find your own recipe for the perfect Filipino kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay: The masterchef

Stay on top of your game with this I-am-in-control kitchen. The huge overhead lamps give a rustic and industrial feel making the overall look authoritative and efficient. We can almost see you firing away the stove to Gordon's famous beef wellington.

Martha Stewart: Queen of the kitchen

Do you notice how glorious light seem to surround Martha every time she's in the kitchen? Well, that doesn't have to stay as an imagination. Lighting is an important factor to achieve an exceptional kitchen. Plus point if natural light is available like this one.

Bobby Flay: Outdoor chef

There's something about showing your cooking skills on a barbecue party. Just ask Bobby. It's pretty amazing to grill your way in a cozy outdoor kitchen with your guests watching and waiting for that perfect golden brown beef burger patty.

Wolfgang Puck: Celebrity chef

If you cook for or dine with celebrities like Wolfgang who catered the Academy Awards Governor Ball, you may be the type who enjoys the spotlight. And there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, get five more overhead lamps. Just make sure their distinct and stylish.

Jaime Oliver: The innovator

W9 | Eclectic Industrialism Davonport Industrial style kitchen Wood Grey

W9 | Eclectic Industrialism


If you're the kind of chef who breaks the rules and would like to do things on your own, you prefer to move around the kitchen. Having an island kitchen like this gives you that freedom. Now, you can freely go back and forth from the counter to the sink and back just like how Jaime is when he is cooking.

Nigella Lawson: The passionate chef

Nigella's enthusiasm radiates in the kitchen whenever she is cooking. Take inspiration from that and design your kitchen based on your personality and the things you like. Go bold and daring if that is your cooking mantra.

Rachel Ray: Dynamic chef

This kitchen echoes the stories and laughter of someone like Rachel. The design feels warm and inviting like you are preparing a meal while talking with your friends. It's easy going but the outcome of your cooking doesn't suffer.

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