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Interior tips decorators never say before you make a deposit

Dayan Buensuceso—homify Dayan Buensuceso—homify
by Modularis Progettazione e Arredo Modern
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A lot of thought and process are involved in interior design. And, that is pretty much the very reason why only licensed professionals can do the job. While most of us tend to do the decorating ourselves in the past, homes these days are becoming more and more modern (and complicated to decorate) and people have now become more sophisticated.  

So, for this article, we'd like to help you make wiser choices before you seal the deal with an interior designer. After all, your home's interior relies mostly upon your personality and liking. So, go ahead, get your pen and paper, and take note of our tips below.

1. Reinvent dead spaces

The area below the staircase shouldn't be dismissed immediately as useless. Yes, its structure may limit our imagination, but it poses way more potential than we think. As an example, this home placed its television underneath the stairs. Here, a shelf was built that extends as a staircase landing from being a television holder. The concept really is about creating interesting details by maximizing dead spaces and allowing those spaces to break free from their stereotypical purposes.

2. Place your bed on top of a closet

This studio in particular has a walk-in closet, but because of the bedroom's limited space, the top portion of the closet was used as a sleeping area as well. That's a smart and stylish way of decorating more compact spaces! To enhance this arrangement, the steps leading to the bed were lined with soft lights, not to mention the side was also turned into a built-in shelf.

​3. Use short but long furniture in narrow spaces

In small yet long apartment spaces, it is ideal to use short, but elongated pieces of furniture. The logic is that if you opt for pieces with longer legs on them or if they are tall, they would give the visual illusion that your ceiling is so low. The longer furniture on the other hand, especially when they are placed pushed to the walls, emphasizes the length of your apartment, making it look more spacious. This studio apartment also uses white as a color for its walls, which likewise adds to the appearance of a wider space.

​4. Skip the gaps between the ceiling and your kitchen cabinet

Most kitchen designs have overhead built-in cabinets for their kitchen tools and dining materials. Often, those leave a small space on their tops like the margin in an essay before hitting the ceiling. We're not quite sure who pioneered this rule in kitchen cabinets, but we're just concerned about wasted space. In fact, if the cabinets were just inched in such a way as it would almost kiss the ceiling, you'd be adding more space to your compartments!

​5. Separate spaces with a closet

When there are a lot of walls inside the home, the interiors appear more crowded and darker since a good amount of light is blocked from travelling inside. The quickest solution to part spaces in your house is through positioning furniture strategically. Other than that, this closet, unlike a wall, has a storage function. Again, pure genius!

​6. Use glass dividers

An LDK room is an abbreviation for a room with living, dining, and kitchen areas. When not well-thought of, this type of room can be poorly maintained and thus can end up looking crammed and disorganized. On the other hand, if a glass partition would be utilized such as this one, the areas can be neatly separated. Plus, it makes the room look more spacious. So, try this clever trick to your own LDK room!

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