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30 stunning dining rooms for small houses

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Our homes consist of several key rooms, and there are the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and, last but not the least, the dining room. Usually, the latter tends to be sacrificed when the housing lacks space. And that's probably the very same reason many studio apartments don't have a proper area just for the dining room. Usually, some homes would only have bars instead. But it doesn't have to be. Dining room is a place to share conversations over a warm meal with the family, so today, we'd like to teach share some ideas on how you can make room for a dining set even if you don't have much space.

1. As a breakfast bar, but without losing the essence of a family dining room

The best thing about this concept is that it works very well as counter-top and dining.

2. A very colorful and bright dining room to impress

With bright colors, the dining room becomes the home's centerpiece. 

3. If you only have one bar as a dining room, then make it stand out

If the little space in the house prevents you from having a large dining table, place a bar that stands out, and what better way to do that than with a splash of red. 

4. Maximize dining space by placing mirrors on walls

Mirrors will always be your best ally in small spaces.

5. Highlight the space with eye-catching decorative elements

With only four chairs but with a lot of ingenuity, you get this modern result.

6. To get good lighting, place a large lamp right in the center of the table

7. Decorate the kitchen bar so that it also fulfills the function of the dining room

8. Give a new look to the table by adding chairs that are of a totally different color

9. A simple and modern dining room will always be an essential part of decorating a small room

10. Take advantage of the new concept of various chairs in the same dining room for a large family

11. Styling and maximizing dining room space can be made easier by using the white color

12. The transparent chairs are perfect for a modern decoration in small space

These ghost chairs are not only in trend, but they fool the eyes with their transparent appearance, so do not hesitate to use them. 

13. An almost invisible dining room

If you liked the idea of transparent chairs, then an invisible dining room is for you as well.

14. Highlighting the area may also be possible if you use bright and colorful wallpaper

15. Improvise a dining room when necessary

If space is not enough, then be on hand when you need a table with several chairs. The way, you can transform your space in a matter of minutes.

16. A warm welcome home with the dining area right in front

18. Extend the kitchen counter and turn it into the dining room you want

19. If you do not have space in the room, take advantage of the porch to place the dining area and enjoy the view

20. Use a corner of the kitchen to position a small table

21. If it's a small house a dining room for two is more than enough

22. Copy the idea of ​​a stool plus chairs in the dining room to give room to more people

23. Wood is the ideal material to have a durable dining room and resistant to the passage of time

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24. Differentiate the areas of a small house

25. Transform kitchen island into a multifunctional dining room

26. Simple, modern, easy and practical idea for a small and modern dining room

27. Space that does not leave aside design and creativity

28. Merge several rooms into one, you can have the dining room and the office in the same space

29. Remember that the materials you choose should mark the decorative trend of your dining room

Beautiful rustic dining room with decorative, modern, and colorful details.

30. A place for everyone in the family

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