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A small home that looks expensive but is actually VERY CHEAP!

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In a country where typhoons and other natural calamities are a part of the flora and fauna, seeing small, movable houses like this may be just the innovative housing project we need to keep our home safe from floods, mudslides, and volcanic eruptions. In Spain, the architectural firm Abaton Arquitectura had an exciting idea of modern nomadic life, creating a house that can be transported and  parked wherever you'd like, much like a high-end trailer. This particular one is called Casa Transportable ÁPH80, with 80 being the number of cubic meters available. 

Check out this affordable pint-sized home with impressive interiors below:


The ÁPH80 model home has three different areas: the living room, a cozy kitchen, and a bedroom which comes with a full bathroom. The home is a little snug, measuring has nine meters across with a width of three meters, for a total living space of 27 square meters. At the highest point of the saddle roof, the building measures 3.5 meters.But don't be fooled—you can fit a lot into this tiny home!

Look how small it is!

Based on a deign that is environment-friendly and simple, this home is a lot bigger and sturdier than your average trailer, and can be moved from place to place via a 16-wheeler truck. Need to head to higher ground because of probably flooding in your area? All you need to do is to get a truck big enough to haul your entire home to higher ground! The homes can also be as big as you want, with separate modules available for purchase, much like what you would get in a series, so you could have one separate section of your home dedicated to just the bedroom or a work-at-home office.

The living space

The comfortable yet stylishly furnished living room is probably the first thing you'd see when entering the cozy abode. Thoughtfully put together using a natural palette, the total look makes for quite the modern home, in harmony with the outside as well. A small kitchenette to the side, just the thing for cooking up small meals.

Comfortable bedroom

The bedroom contains a comfortable double bed and a small bedside table with a window to let the sunshine in. It's interesting to note that the interiors are designed with a light colored wood of made of Spanish fir to help make the space look bigger and cleaner.


The bathroom, like most of the house, is small yet functional. Complete with a toilet and shower, it ensures a very modern nomad life.


From the outside looking in, one could appreciate the comprehensive study that went into the proportions of the house. For the home owners, there should be discernible separate rooms, which still do not have an impact and give freedom. It is a simple home, and best for those who use it to relax and sleep, but who are out of the house for most of the day, as it may get a little claustrophobic.

The farm

The ÁPH80 model home is built of many materials that can be recycled, making it truly sustainable housing. The seamless integration with nature through the large sliding doors lets you become a part of your surroundings while the simple and straightforward contours of the design promise the modern comforts for those who own it.

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