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10 stunning homes for those seeking solitude

Dayan Buensuceso—homify Dayan Buensuceso—homify
SHELL ARTechnic architects / アールテクニック Modern home
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Whether it's in the woods, on a mountain, by the river or the sea, we all have our own perception of peaceful living. It's mostly up to us to find our little happy place on earth and cultivate that space for our personal growth. Other than self-actualization, living closer to nature also sows in us a sense of consciousness to care for the environment because really, there is no place more quieter than with our natural surroundings. Here we help you discover that quiet hideaway and give you ideas on how to actualize it. 

1. Retreat by the river

There is a charming quality about living by a clean river. You get inspired by the sight of running water, the plants breaking along moist soil to grow, and the general poetic feeling of life taking its course. Let a cool cabin like this one equipped with the simple essentials of living draw you to its alluring location. Combine sturdy wooden panels with glass ones for windows, doors and a skylight then stain the wood in black or dark brown to get that understated chic cottage. This one has a nice terrace to take advantage of the riverside beauty. 

2. Thrive with the trees

Open your doors and invite the cool forest air to condition your home and your mind. If you're residing in a forested area, take the opportunity of being one with nature by investing on verandas with foldable glass doors so you can conveniently open them when you feel like it and close them but still have a view of the great outdoors. Position a cozy lounge seat and you're set for a good reflection or relaxation.

3. Grow indoor and outdoor plants

Pocket House homify Rustic style house

Pocket House


Sometimes, it isn't easy being too far away because of certain commitments involving civilization. In that case, the best solution to achieve solace is having a healthy foliage around your home as in both outside and inside. That advice you often hear from elders about taking time off from the glare of gadgets and focusing on the greens of plants is absolutely helpful to keep your eyes in 20/20 vision or healthy at the very least. Even so, having a contemporary styled home like this prefabricated one also needs a touch of mother nature to prettify it. The glassy exterior features the modern, practical type of housing plus its attention to incorporating plants in every available and strategic space puts into the spotlight the plants' role in aesthetics and healthy living.

4. Roll with the hills

Channel Bilbo Baggins' home in Lord of the Rings with this house built within hills. There's one other quirk to it and that it is upcycled. Check out those doors and windows and you might wonder where exactly one enters. Well, first of all those are windows and doors put together to compose a sort of glass house with some of them actually used as entryways and openings. Cool isn't it? Consult our eco-design experts to assist you with your own upcycled dream house.

The interiors are also complete with living, dining and sleeping areas with furnishings made of fine wood! Bilbo will surely have a run for his money when he comes across this. 

5. Landing from the future

When we told you earlier about opening your doors to the forest, we also meant not limiting yourself to just having verandas. Take it to the next level by exploring futuristic architecture in a natural environment like this Shell house! On an aerial view, it looks like a piece of an airplane's fuselage and on the ground, it looks like some alien's capsule in a forest. If that isn't interesting enough, the interior combines wood, cement, and glass to wonderfully evoke a sophisticated vibe—yes, in the middle of the forest.

6. Likened to a noble barn

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 ÁBATON Arquitectura Prefabricated home
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

In prefabricated style, this unassuming grey house by the field is your smart and stylish alternative. It's compact but that doesn't mean it's shabby inside in fact it houses quaint living, cooking, bathing, and sleeping areas-all important and oh so livable. When the clock strikes at a picturesque time outside, the glass panels here can be set aside for one to just observe the cattle outside grazing the grass or transferring back home. 

7. Idyllic chic

Finding a great spot where fauna and flora meet like in this idyllic hillside in Ireland is perfect for the introspective mind. It's not your average provincial home however because it uses upcycled shipping containers as its main frames boosted by amazing and sustainable architecture. This wooden lower level is actually just an opening to the meadow. The main entrance is above and it's also equally unassuming. 

8. A seaside sanctuary

Most of us have been dreaming about a beachside house because that part of the world gets to appreciate the sun, sea, and the sand. How about dream bigger by living with luxury by the sea like this contemporary beach home? It's especially constructed with a facade that allows the salty air to enter its interiors plus have a sun-bathing spot, lap pool and a tub! We're quite confident that you'll be as tranquil as a calm sea lounging around in here. 

9. At home with the mountain

Elatos Resort & Health Club studioReskos

Elatos Resort & Health Club


Mountaineers have that amazing quality of enjoying both the summit and the trek itself because other than being a great exercise, climbing mountains is a reflection of the human soul and how it constantly experiences challenges, setbacks and victories. The view from the top is always breathtaking so find some inspiration with that by living in the mountains. Take note of some of our interesting country-style homes here at homify.

10. A sun-kissed abode

If you like the sun but not necessarily the sea and the sand, conceptualize a home that opens nicely to a view of the romantic sun. This sloped-roof house allots a generous amount of space for its porch that basically breaks away from the concept of a porch by freely connecting with the living and dining areas since no concrete wall divides it from the latter like in a typical house. It also stands on an elevated ground to lavish in that healthy Vitamin D. 

Casas inHAUS Modern home

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