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A small wooden home with a lot of style

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Kuloğlu Orman Ürünleri Prefabricated home
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Living in a tropical country, we're no strangers to a wooden house. We may even live in one right now, but two things can set off a truly a great wooden home as opposed to just planks of wood hammered and nailed together. Take a tour inside this wooden house constructed by KULOĞLU ORMAN ÜRÜNLERI in Turkey to feel that difference. 

Simple and symmetrical

Harness the natural beauty of wood like the wonderful facade paneling and general architecture of this modest family home with a matching small shed behind it. This side view of the house features its simple gable style roof and symmetrical walls which from here look interesting because of one part pushed a little further back adding depth to the visual illusion. The structure is also built on raised cement adorned by a textured surface that appears like brick from afar. 

A porch for all seasons

The covered side porch serves as a great reception and relaxation area for family and guests. From this angle, we also get to see the surrounding plant box which promises lush vegetation to enliven the exterior. In fact, the wooden posts and railings would also look good once a few greens cascade around them. 

The country classy version

Look at that fine and solid wood work clinging all over this home. This main door also reminds us of the screened ones we often see among Filipino houses. Those types typically pair with a solid wood door and during the day the latter is opened while the former is kept as it is to allow more air inside the house but filter mosquitoes. Let's just say that here, that function has been optimized especially since the door is now amongst the polished white floors and excellent wooden walls plus, those adorable exterior light fixtures mounted above the windows. 

Wooden wonderland

True to its outside appearance, this humble interior reveals that one can still be stylish without going overboard with the furnishings. This polished all-wooden look is enough personality that a plush bluish couch, sheer white curtains, and other living room essentials are all you need to complement it. They've also wisely skipped the tacky linoleum flooring we often see inside provincial homes and stuck with the classic sparkly and smooth wood. 

Wooden kitchen inspiration

The kitchen sits adjacent to the living room as evidenced by the sloping ceiling. Like it's neighbor, the interior here boasts of fine wood work. Even the cupboards have joined in the theme with other covers using glass panels to offset it. We also note the screen that's partially covering the glass window and how it goes in line with the rest of the elements. This flooring however needs extra care since it's pretty much on the busiest part of the house and in that case, a wooden vinyl floor can be a great alternative. 

Modern bathroom

Who said that a wooden home means an all-wooden bathroom? This one certainly didn't. Since this house sits on an elevated cement base, the same surface was used and tiled with ceramic material give this bathroom a modern look and convenient purpose. We like how this tiny frosted glass window adds lighting and design to the room right where you need it: by the mirror. 

Balanced and clean

This bedroom is as minimal as it can get using merely white sheets and fabric to complement the wooden walls and ceiling. The white curtain here gives the right balance between lighting and coverage. Check out the 6 reasons why you should use white sheets for your bed. On the other hand, plywood, like these walls, is a sturdy material ideal for interior panels. 

Casas inHAUS Modern home

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