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The transformation of a simple enclave into a chic townhouse

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A high-walled fence interrupted by a threatening gate looks like its keeping some secret that is sure to keep kids in the neighborhood intrigued. But fantasies may be crushed to find that nothing lies beyond. For architects, this big reveal is merely a challenge like turning this gated property in London into a modern residential complex. Read on to know more about it's amazing before and after transformation

Before: Enclosed and empty

Nothing seems to be happening in this property and it may well look like a random photograph of a place, without any care for aesthetics and angles whatsoever.The high enclosure however exudes a menacing vibe like activities inside cannot be spoken of outside nor can it be open for the public to see.

After: Interestingly industrial

A modern and well-defined structure, at least on what's visible, now stands erect behind the once suspicious looking gate which had also been recreated to suit the industrial feel of the property. The building appears prominent with its repetitive boxy glass facade that invites tenants looking to find a stylish commercial-like space to reside in. 

Polished floor

This polished cement floor makes us want to tap dance on it (if we could) because it drives home this urban complex. A magnified view of the front details the wonderful combination of brick on steel and wood. Check out the cool wood paneling on that main door and it's wall counterpart. They're closed design nicely contrast the otherwise glassy exterior. A good amount of plants also give life to this area.

More transparent

A more revealing back exterior channels futuristic chic with its protruding glass window that makes up for the more guarded front side. Its turquoise lining adds a fun division which goes the same with the front windows earlier. Note the useful extended brick walls that part for privacy the glass windows. A small patio, constructed with wooden planks for flooring, also serves as a great outdoor relaxing spot. 

Cool and collected

The interior is a fresh mix of cool colors and the ever-timeless white. Stylish light fixtures around and by the dining area also dot the ceiling but serve minimal help especially with natural lighting coming from the glass window. Hanging framed pieces in neat placements along the walls like this provide the right level of drama because of their subtle color complement with the rest of the elements. 

Subtle and smart combination

Here, the lights were turned off to prove that nothing beats harnessing natural light. Besides, you get to save up on your electricity bill. The L-shaped couch is also positioned strategically for viewing the television or the back garden. The rest of the furnishings here play along with the modernist and matching color themes. We love how the cascading greens and the brick wall outside even match with the green and wooden items inside. 

Happy kitchen

Beside the dining area lies the kitchen which oozes with a happy vibe making food preparation so exciting. Other than the ceiling lights, decorative hanging light fixtures by the counter and soft flourescent light by the sink brighten up the space. The sleek cupboards and storage areas also blend naturally with the wall and keeps items well out of sight to achieve a clean working area. 

Elegant bathing experience

This minimalist bathroom lastly deserves your admiration because of its sleek industrial walls, that eye-catching oval tub, and relaxing outdoor backdrop. Refreshing and unwinding here at night also seems so enticing because of those playful light fixtures. This surely gets in our homify collection of stylish bathrooms.

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